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Snaefellsnes Tour – All you need to know about Iceland

Are you planning to stay just for one week? You can see the whole Iceland in two or one day tour after Snaefellsnes peninsula. Don’t believe ? Check the less crowded Snaefellsnes national park and admire the nature miracle. Great option for whole families. Romantic views by the sea for parents, and adorable seals playing with each other for children’s happiness. And we just started…

How to take the best tour on Iceland

Distance from the capital of the country to the national park at the west part of island it’s only 150 km. You can rent a popular 4×4 car in order to get there. If you looking for professional tour with experienced guide you should check Iceland excursions Nice Travel website.

Tourist attractions

Snaefellsnes National Park lay on the westernmost part of the peninsula that have access to the volcanoes, glacial, and few beaches with the yellow sand. Which is not common for the rest of the coastline. That’s why, even native people like to visit this part of the Iceland. Most of the beaches are covered with black sand because of the volcanic nature of their surroundings. Proximity of each tourist attraction, can let us see even more if we choose two day trips.

Good to know:

Every year new waterfalls are being created by the nature. Melting of the glacials are the main reason for this occurrence.

Black beach and unique basalt rocks

Black sand created by weathering and erosion of volcanic soil. In tourists opinion is most memorable place in whole Iceland. You need wear almost whole year the warm clothes, Since the strong wind crashing waves on the giants rocks. Moist air combined with cold wind can be very refreshing after visiting Vatnshellir lava cave!

Basalts rocks are the reason why the shore is so unique. To make great photos, you should stay almost in ocean line. Just care cause they might be dangerous.

What can you see if u stay longer

Want to stay longer and rest in natural geothermal sources? Krauma can offer you an unforgettable bath in hot geothermal water as well as sauna and spa. After all attraction try delish food prepared from local food!

Culture of Iceland

To know more about life and beliefs of inhabitant you should visit the small villages like Hellnar. That was used to be the biggest fishing port n this part of Snæfellsnes peninsula. You can learn more about old beliefs that’s still alive among the people.

Stories about trolls and giant are breathtaking, and you can listen about it for whole day. Respect to old myths about elves are still in mind of Icelanders, so they don’t throw the rocks cause they might hit the Huldufólk.


If you looking for less crowded trip on Iceland, you should choose the west part of it. The snaefellsnes national park offers you the most important national sights in the once place. Vulcano, glacial and waterfalls are possible to be watched in just the one-day trip.

Spectacular landscapes are the main reason that’s should be the first choice trip, after you land on the Iceland soil. Learn more about the folklore, and culture of Iceland by visiting small fishing villages blended into the landscape. The trip is worth any penny spent for it.


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