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Six Wedding Songs that will Leave Guests Tearing up

While a marriage is between two people, a wedding is a basically a party thrown for their loved ones. If most people were to be honest, they want their wedding to outdo the last they attended and to set the bar so high that their friends will have a hard time topping it.

One of the highlights of a wedding – after the bride’s gown and make-up – is the wedding song. You want to find the one song that elicits enough emotion but at the same time speaks of your journey together. The perfect wedding song, just like finding the ideal long-term disability lawyer Toronto, will make your wedding even more memorable and you can always say proudly, “that’s our song” whenever it plays.

Some Amazing Wedding Songs for 2017

  • “Perfect” – Ed Sheeran

We can’t think of a better first dance song than this particular one by Ed Sheeran. The sentiments expressed in this piece make for the perfect melody to get the crowd started before you get into danceable songs. The words are sincere and honestly, what most people would want to say to each other when they are all loved-up.

  • “You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me,” – John Mayer

This one is yet another one that makes the heart so full and happy. The words are heartfelt and the melody is a tear-jerker. It also helps that there are no obscenities and so your momma isn’t going to want to smack you for being naughty.

  • “Grow Old With Me,” – Sunny Sweeney

Isn’t this the idea behind getting married; to grow old together? Well, Sunny Sweeney’s rich voice saying all the right things at the right the right time is certainly something most people would like to hear on the biggest day of their lives.

  • “Shape of You,” – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran certainly knows how to get his audience dancing and especially with this song that has refused to grow old. Shape of you has a faster tempo, and so it is best for receptions. Still, it is not too fast that your elderly aunt will not get up and show her moves when it plays. The catchy beat gets everyone up and on the floor for the better part of the evening. Could lead to a little flirting too and we are all for that.

  • “Something Just Like This,” – Coldplay

The band playing and the powerful vocals of the group make this a must-have for a wedding reception especially if you want to get the guests up and excited. The beauty of this song is that it does not require you to have Justin Timberlake’s dancing skills. Just dance like no one’s watching and you will have the fun of your life.

  • “Despacito,” – Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee

A little salsa never hurt anyone! Can’t move your feet as graciously as J-Lo? No problem as long as you move and sing along when you can. Wedding receptions are for letting go and having the time of your life.

If your music selection is great, people may even overlook the bride’s gown and forget that they did not get a slice of the cake. Music, after all, makes the world spin!


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