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Sinterit 3d printer – high quality and low cost at your fingertips

3D printing nowadays is available for almost everyone from private manufacturers to large market suppliers. With the SLS printer devices you can get professionally crafted items at the most affordable prices. How the innovative turns to be so available and easy in use? Check also why sls printer cost is so convenient yet with great potential and access to numerous additional options and supplies.

Why the SLS process is a perfect for your needs?

Our prime Lisa selective laser sintering printer (SLS) uses a high quality powder material which in result provides durable and complex items ready in no time. The concept of plug and play ensures that setup and installation is extremely easy and intuitive. Your own digital design is transferred from a computer into a format understandable for the printer apparatus, which launches the printing process itself. Our powder technology is so efficient also because the complete object doesn’t require sanding or post-treatment. What really makes it perfect is the ability to do complex tasks for example printing multiple objects at once or flexible mechanisms consisting of functional elements.

Unlimited spectrum of 3d possibilities at work

If you think it’s fun to print in 3D then look at how practical it is. Our product improves and adds to numerous fields of the production for example medical components like dentures. Sls 3D printers contribute to education, robotics, computer technologies and also construction and architectural parts. We can find sls 3D printed elements even in our transport vehicles so how fun would it be to print your own then?

All-in-one and more

For the unique experience of SLS 3D printing the wide range of accessories and additional tools is provided.  In a basic set all the necessary accessories are included, among others these are the sandblasters, printing powder supply or Sinterit dedicated software and system that guides you through this inspiring process. For more advanced and industrialized works the Lisa 2 Pro comes in handy. It specializes in bigger and more automated creations. The variety of materials can be used in the production thanks to the implemented technology of nitrogen chamber, not to mention the intuitive software that allows you to control the whole process. And finally both SLS 3d printers give the opportunity to create items from the smallest and simple to the largest (to 316 mm diagonally) and complicated devices. Additionally the cost of the basic 3D printer is only 5999 €.


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