Signs Indicating That Your Pipes Need Repair

Having faulty pipes are one of the major plumbing woes which disturb the mental peace of householders around the world. Signs of leaks in a water pipe can be detected by water discoloration, stains, tube corrosion and leaks. Regular inspections help to keep this problem in check and ensure a safe and healthy water supply system to your home.Everything in this world has a shelf life and water pipes are no exception. Over a period of time, even the best pipes gets worn out and damaged. Even a well known plumbing company like Priority Plumbing cannot restore them. However, the good news is they can help to upgrade your system so that you get more longevity and better value for your money. As a normal householder you need not wait for a leak to appear to check your pipes. Regular inspection can detect problems which usually go undetected.

Here are some well known ways to find out if your pipe are worn out and requires a change.


Leaks are regarded as one of the sure shot signs that your pipe needs upgradation. Leaks lead to mildew accumulation, which can cause molds to thrive and expose your family to potential health risks. If you notice any leaks, it is important that you change your pipes without delay.


When pipes which run below the bathroom floor or behind the walls, gets leaked a significant distortion in the color of the walls or ceiling can be noticed. If left unattended, these leaks can cause widespread damage. Trace the origin of the leak and get them checked by an experienced plumber.

Tube corrosion

Many people use copper pipes in their home. Copper, reacts adversely with acid and can get eroded over a period of time. When you can notice flaking in the pipes, take initiative to change them.

Discolored water

If you are using iron pipes then the color of the water will act as an indicator as whether rust is present in the pipes. Rust reacts adversely with water and changes it taste. Ask a plumber to check your faucets and pipes and get new pipes installed if you come across any discoloration issues.

Age of a pipe

When you are moving to a new house make sure that you check the condition of the water pipes. When pipes are not used for a long period of time, they accumulate dust and you should get them cleaned on a regular basis. If they are worn out, there can be leaks which are why they should be replaced at regular intervals.

Having your pipes checked at regular intervals ensures that you are well prepared for all types of water related emergencies. Priority Plumbing is a company based out of Toronto, who has been providing plumbing services to citizens of Canada for long period of time. If you decide to employ their services, you shall be provided with direct upfront pricing and 100% satisfaction for the work done by them.

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