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Should you buy 2019 BMW 2 Series Convertible over the Coupe

The BMW 2 series has been available in two different body style in these past few years; a coupe and a convertible. While the 2 series coupe is available with M performance package, the convertible gives it a miss, being more like the “wind in my hair” kind of car. Most performance cars do not have a convertible model, primarily because of the one specific reason, they lack performance. Structural rigidity is also less in the convertible, and you’d have to re-engineer a car and make it heavier. This is quite counterintuitive, and although it isn’t affected by a great margin, the gap in performance is still noticeable.

Just imagine this bizarre scenario: You just stole the Viking Coin and now you are trying to escape in your BMW 2-Series Convertible, and the police chasing you have the 2-Series Coupe. The cops have an acceleration just 0.1 sec faster than yours, which theoretically means you are screwed. Practically though, we do not promote stealing or robbery. So, let’s take a look at some proper parameters to see if the 2-Series Convertible is than the Coupe.

Usually, the coupe and convertible variants differ by a fair margin in their performance. BMW, however, has tried to keep the performance difference between the Coupe and Convertible as little as possible. 2-Series was launched to fill the huge performance gap between the 1-Series hot hatch and the 3-Series sedan line-up, and it does that very well. With its astonishing performance, the 2 Series coupe can easily be mistaken as the descendant to the old 3-Series coupe/convertible.

2019 BMW 2-series convertible is available with two engine configurations that can be combined with either of two drivetrains. That makes it available in a total of four different configurations. There is a 2.0-liter inline 4-cylinder turbocharged engine and a bigger 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder turbocharged engine. You also get to choose between a rear-wheel-drive and an all-wheel-drive option. An 8-speed paddle shift automatic transmission is standard in all the convertible variants available. With the inline-4 engine, the 2 Series Convertible is able to produce 258 ft-lbs. of torque at 1450 rpm and 248 horsepower at 5200 rpm. On the other hand, the bigger inline-6 engine is able to make 369 ft-lbs. of torque at slightly higher 1520 rpm and 335 horsepower at 5500 rpm.

When looking at the inside of the car, you’ll notice there are four seats, but not enough space for 4 passengers. The rear seats are a bit uncomfortable to fit in, as is the case with most coupes and convertibles. The little Beemer convertible has a short length, so the non-practical rear seats are not a surprise. For the seat material, you have the option of leatherette. The front seats are available with either 10-way power adjustable or 2-way manual adjustable with power lumbar support and are heated as well. Height adjustment and thigh extension for driver seat are also available. The steering wheel is leather covered with inbuilt heating. A rearview camera is available as standard.

To add the features to your infotainment screen, you can opt for the Android Auto to link your smartphone seamlessly with your car. That is not a standard option though. The Convertible also comes with the Harman/Kardon premium sound system to enhance your music experience. A wireless charging module is present on the center console to help you if your smartphone supports wireless charging. For the exterior, you get to choose from the range of 11 exciting colors and 8-wheel designs. Adaptive LED headlights are another standard option available.

Sure the 2-series Convertible looks exciting on the brochure with a powerful engine and loads of options available. The car isn’t just a show-off either, the driving experience is fun and engaging. The price to performance ratio of the 2 series is actually better than the other BMW cars.

When you compare the coupe and convertible side by side, the car profile is similar. The only difference is that the Convertible has the soft roof fiber top, and that looks ugly. The car looks much better with the roof down. BMW made a great choice going with the soft rooftop. Because it will make you drop the roof but also it consumes way less space in the boot than the hard roof top. Results are the convertible variant with boot space just 2 cubic feet less than the Coupe one. Also, the convertible is 0.1 second slower than the 2-Series Coupe, but it has a practical rear cabin, as you can drop the roof to liberate some headroom in the rear. In the coupe, you have no option but to put the child seat back there or fit just one adult. So, if you ask me, for a few grand more, getting a convertible will definitely be a praised choice.


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