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Shaun Benderson – Sarasota Social Media Promoting their Tourism

Sarasota is a lovely place in South Florida that is attracting lot of tourists on a daily basis, and there has been a buzz on the region.

Shaun Benderson on the Impact of Social Media

The social media has been subjected to optimal use to attract new people and to ensure that people flock to tourist areas. There have been hash tag campaigns started to promote the tourism of Sarosta, and this has been taken forward by people visiting the places. The promotion has taken to new level thanks to uploading of images through Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snap chat and so on. The many romantic destinations in Sarasota and Tampa bay has been kept in the news and has reached a scoop like news thanks to the promotion through social media. Places like Phoenix have been getting promotion thanks to the social media promotion.

The tourism potential has been earmarked, and there has been a concrete effort to woo youngsters, and this has led to the concept of development of honeymoon and romantic tourism potential in the area feels Shaun Benderson. The other shift that has been promoted through web blogs has been the promotion of inside culture, and this has meant more promotion of historical monuments, and there has been the promotion of safe and secluded places. Romantic couples will always like to spend some quality time at secluded places in beaches, and Sarosta boasts of the best beaches in the world.

There has been a promotion of Sarasota county as a logo in the water tower, and this was an instant hot with commuters as many people were traveling through that site. This image was given promotion through social media, and this has ensured that the place has gained more prominence and the brand building has taken place.

The web promotion for sports and adventure tourism

Sports tourism and adventure tourism is on the rising. The reason is that many business companies are looking for ways to reduce the stress on the Business executives and they are also looking at ways to reduce attrition. This has meant that more tourism spots that have high adventure value are chosen, and business executives are given a tour so that their adrenaline gets aroused and their stress gets busted. There are cycling spots and other adventure sports like water kayaking and so on in Sarasota and many projects are being taken to conferences in Sarasota so that after project session a session with sports is possible.

There has been the promotion of outdoor sports like bowling and gold in this region, and this has ensured that many people have flocked to this region. Shaun Benderson feels that the best sport that one can have in everyday life is the. Walking and some lovely beaches will give a good sense of fresh air and will give a positive feeling. The other option that is available in this part of the region is visiting pirate ships and ensuring that by participating in mind games that are on offer one can refresh the mind and one can rejuvenate the body and soul.


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