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Salesforce is making big data readily accessible and usable for all users

Big data with all its volume, velocity and variety is now a part of every customer-centric business. It is no longer the grey-zone only tech-gurus talk about at webinars. Only a very few companies can leverage the true potentials of big data for their growth and expansion. Traditionally, big data management and harnessing are costly. The software that can collate and organize the data flow into proper data lakes is often complicated and expensive. Thankfully, a few platforms like Salesforce have come up with customer-side cost effective, easy to use and simple features for small businesses and start-ups to access their big data pool.

Salesforce is perfecting big data analytics

This is another amazing Software as a Service endeavor from Salesforce. It allows easy scale up and customization irrespective of business model. This leading CRM and SaaS platform have joined hands with Google, Cloudera, Trifacta, Informatica, New Relic and Hortonworks to perfect their big data model and machine learning algorithms. In fact, at the current rate of data growth, there will be over 44 trillion gigabytes of data for businesses to utilize by the end of 2020. That’s roughly just two more years for most businesses to catch up with the big data trends. Find out more about the latest big data management opportunities at Flosum.com.

Big data management is also about UI and UX

Salesforce pays as much importance to the features as it does to the UX. The key to successful big data utilization is a great dashboard for direct access to big data options. This includes access to sales numbers, customer feedbacks, campaign ROIs, and marketing statuses. For example – sales teams should always pay attention to their forecast by rep and stage, activities by sales rep, profit/loss rates and time to close a deal. These are key metrics that should always be a part of a UX rich dashboard. The Salesforce Sales Cloud Dashboard has all the necessary raw materials any user would need to construct a fully functional and competitive dashboard.

Complete buyer personas give you a competitive edge

Another important aspect of the Salesforce big data experience is building a 360-degree customer profile. Your cloud can store data from several platforms and networks. Therefore, you can collect customer data from all kinds of third-party apps and platforms. This includes product choices, purchase histories, customer age, location and much more. This helps the user create a complete customer profile for analysis. This is the stepping stone of building a master data management strategy. Any marketing team and analytics team can access the Salesforce Integration Patterns Overview and Architecture for perfecting the integration of Salesforce big data services and other applications your business might be using right now.

A CRM platform can become the ideal choice for any business when your business process, technology, and user behavior find a place in the core processes of data maintenance and analysis. To leveraging big data, you need to understand exactly which parts of the data you need and how you need to process them. While needing a DBA at this step is not unusual, Salesforce often enables marketers and analysis teams to utilize the information without the aid of database administrators in a simple and beautifully integrated way.


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