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Safety Tips for Basement Stairs Renovation Project

Planning their finished basement project, many homeowners think repairing their stairs is not complicated, though the staircase is one of the most difficult construction jobs. Not only do you have to consider technical issues like run and rise, but also complicated conversations on building codes and design can come into play during basement stairs renovation. They seem straightforward, but homeowners have to consider not only the style but also the safety and stability of this potentially hazardous area.Trips to and from the basement are a day-to-day inevitability. Falls on stairs is one of the most common causes of injuries in the home.

Therefore, make it a priority to upgrade or replace flimsy basement stairs for safety reasons. Close open wooden steps with risers. If existing wood is not in good condition and the construction is sound, donot build onto steps. Plan on replacing them and the stringers that support your steps, if they are made of particleboard or sag under your weight. Check that all screws are tight.

Make sure your lighting is well-placed without casting glare into your eyes and it fully illuminates the staircase. You can install thin LEDs under the nose of the stair treads. That way your stairs will be the safest in your finished basement.

Choosing paint, increase visibility with contrasting colours for the risers and treads. The higher the contrast in colour the better. Add a little granulated texture to the treads, installing non-skid glue-down strips at their leading edges.

Be sure to check local building codes before undertaking basement stairs renovation project. Remember, building codes represent the bare minimum in construction allowed by law. It is better to exceed building codes and not to cut them close. Check the allowed depth of stair treads and height of the risers. If there is enough room, a wide staircase with deep treads can provide a welcoming entrance into your new living space. If you leave railings open,it will give the space an airy look. If the bottom step and the wall for a landing is at the minimum, turn the staircase or make the bottom step the landing with one-step down to the side or sides.

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