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Role of concealer

Actually concealer is a makeup product for women which results in stunning and attractive eye makeup experience. Moreover it is applied using your finger to the under-eye area only. Depends on the type of concealer only, you can apply it accordingly. Mostly women prefer liquid concealer as their better choice. This is the reason why this makeup concealer that makes you look brighter especially in occasions.

You have to apply it after applying with a little amount of moisturizer to it. In case of oily skins, it cannot act as like a foundation, but usually it is known to be; it is contained with a minimal amount of foundation as well.

Let’s concentrate on types of concealer textures:

In traditional times, this concealer is available in liquid form only, but now a day’s it is available in different forms. Along with liquid concealer, there are balm concealer, cream concealer, stick concealer.

It is discussed in brief;

  • Actually depending upon your skin postures only, concealer is applied.
  • Initially coming to liquid concealer, it suits to all kinds of skin types. But it is not up to the mark after applying. It certainly means that it only covers up to less amount of under eye circles and redness. It is not always suits for dry skin types. But if you are desired to use it at any cost, then you are advised to apply some moisturizer before applying concealer to your under eye. It ultimately covers your dark circles and looks very natural as well. Moreover this makeup concealer that makes you look brighter compared to all kinds of concealers existed due to the application of moisturizer before applying it.
  • There is a balm concealer which looks very thicker in its ingredient and suits for oil skin types also. Depending upon the skin tones, this kind of balm concealers with different colors is applied. For dark people, orange balm concealer is advised for covering their dark circles. This concealer application suits well for both normal and oily skin types too.
  • There is a concealer with thicker texture only named as cream concealer. This application to your under eye results very brighter by eradicating dark circles effectively. But it‘s impact is very less for normal skins and dry skins and suits better for oily skins.
  • Stick concealer results in covering up more for both normal and dry skin types. This kind of concealer does not suit for oily skins especially during warm conditions.


Based on type of concealers, you are advised to apply it and most significantly you have to apply it that actually suits your skin matters more. Otherwise you will be still persisted with dark circles. It is comparatively does not suits to foundation alike. As foundation is applied all over the face but concealer is applied only under the eye area only which cover any kind of dark circles visibility.


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