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Robotics and Automation

We often hear some terms like robotics process automation, industrial automation, and Test Automation. Most of the people do not have clear knowledge about these three terms. In the currentsituation, automation has created a buzz in the industries. If you are into a business and own the business then there is a possibility to wonder whether automation is right for your business or robotics. It depends on your business pattern. Come let see what is automation and robotics.

What is automation?

In automation, it uses the technology, computer software and machines to complete work, which is generally done by the workers. In automation is the entire human task completed by machines. There are different types of automation are available, i.e from simple to mind-blowing complex and mechanical to virtual. Two types of automation are available, industrial automation and software automation.

Software automation

All the online information related to the Automation are all about software automation. It provides details of how the human tasks done by the software automatically. Some software automation includes

  • Business Process Automation or BPA
  • Robotics Process Automation or RPA
  • Intelligent process Automation or IPA
  • Business Process Automation (BPA)

This process is used in many businesses to build the streamline. Within the business, it formalizes all the process and integrates into automation. To restructure the business you can use the business process automation (BPA)

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Though it’s named as Robotics Process Automation,it has nothing to do with the physical robots. In RPA software robots are used which are programmed from the beginning. It uses the computer program as the human does. It is true that it cannot complete the task efficiently, but it can easily integrate into the current business.

  • Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Intelligent process Automation or IPA is nothing but the extension of Robotics Process Automation or RPA. It uses artificial intelligence. It allows software robots to work more efficiently.

Industrial Automation

When we are discussing the robotics and automation, we clearly refer the industrial automation. Industrial automation is nothing but controlling the physical process. Control systems and the physical machines are involved in the Industrial automation to automate the task in the industrial process. Different types of machines are available in the automation​industry. Like CANC machines are known for manufacturing

Bespoke Automation

Is actually used at places where there is already a production process in place but additional automation is needed for a specific operation that needs to be performed in the whole process. It includes

  • Liquid filling
  • Box filling
  • Quality control inspection
  • Parts sorting
  • Repetitive tasks with the few variables,
  • Box sealing and erection
  • Production monitoring
  • Safety improvement

What Is Robotics?

Before jump into the technical definitions let’s start with the basics. As we all know that robots are the machines, software program fit into the robots. Robots can carry the semi-autonomously and actions autonomously. Robots can interact as well, through the actuators sensor. As the robots are reprogrammable it is much more flexible in comparison with the single function machines. So in the singleterm, we can say that robots are the machines which involve robotics. In various industrial automation, robots are used to automate the physical process or task. A collaborative robot can work as like human do.

Robots Which Are Not the Automation

From the line itself, you can guess that it is a bit tricky one. The term Autonomous means all the robots which are Autonomous; it can operate without the human control. In automation, these robots have no work.

How Similar Are Robotics and Automation

It totally depends on your business and the business owner which one is good for the business, robotics or automation. If the task is repetitive then you can consider the automation. If it is a physical task choose robotics. In the automationprocess, it is used to replace human work by using machines, software, and technology. Depends on the needs there are various types of automation you can find. On the otherhand, robotics includes different factors like using the program, design by using the robotics.

We live in the 21st century, and we have reached a milestone. A few months back a robot named as Sophia got the citizenship​of Saudi Arabia. It created a buzz when Sophia got the citizenship. Automation and robotics have broken our imagination and through Sophia, it became a part of reality. Siri, Alexa all are the example of Artificial Intelligence or AI. With the help of Robot and Automation human allows all the machines to act like a human. Even robots can complete the task with more perfection. With the use this technology all the processes work more efficiently, it saves the workforce, also reduces the operation cost.  Faults and error are also minimum in comparison to a human.


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