Rick Casper – How Can You Find The Perfect Assisted Living Facility For Your Loved One?

Many seniors relaxing in a park of a nursing home with geriatric nurse

The aging process is an inevitable part of life. As your elder family members become old, they find it very difficult to carry out many daily chores especially when they suffer from a serious aliment because of their age. While you, other occupants of your household and your friends will also be ready to give these individuals a helping hand, they prefer not to be a burden on anyone. At times, you may frequently ask yourself whether it is right to relocate them to an assisted living community. Rick Casper of California says even if it is emotionally painful for you to take such a decision, you may have to do so keeping in mind their best interests especially when you cannot cater to their needs at home.

 He goes on to say that contrary to the stereotype views most people have about homes for the elderly, assisted living communities allow their residents a certain level of independence, which they cherish. The professional caregivers in such establishments allow their inmates to perform their daily chores on their own but intervene when they see that these patients find it extremely difficult to do so. In comparisons to other forms of accommodation of senior citizens, individuals in such places can interact with people of their own age group, workout in the gym facilities, watch movies and dine together. You need to find the answers to the following questions and discuss the matter with them before deciding whether to relocate them to an assisted living community:

1. Are you and other occupants of your household having difficulties in catering to their needs?

Rick Casper explains you and other occupants in your house may be willing to go the extra mile when it comes to catering to the specific needs of your elderly relatives. However, you are not a proficient professional in this field and do not have the necessary expertise. If you and other members of your household find that the task be becoming overwhelming, it may in their best interests to send them to such establishments.

2. Is your elderly relative become lonely?

There is you denying that you and other members of your family cannot always be at home to socially interact your elderly relatives since you all have a profession. While these individuals understand and appreciate this fact, staying alone for them can be depressing especially after a loss of a spouse. This can have a detrimental effect on their overall well-being.

3. Do you have concerns about their safety when they are alone?

You are aware of the dangers of leaving your elderly relatives at home especially when they suffer from a serious medical disorder or there are certain limits to their mobility. You do not want them to get into serious accidents while they are alone at home. In assisted living communities, specially attendants keep a close watch on the residents and help them whenever necessary.

Relocating can be emotionally difficult for every one regardless of his/her situation says Rick Casper. It is even more so for your elderly relatives when they have to move to assisted living communities. However, at times, such a move can be in their best interests when you consider the above questions.

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