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Reasons Why Recruiters Need to Meet Their Candidates

When looking for new jobs people often head straight to recruitment and recruitment to recruitment companies to find the most attractive available roles, however a high number of people then get confused when their chosen recruiters inform them that would like to meet with them. With this in mind today, we are here to explain to all why it is so important for candidates to meet with their recruiters, with the intention of enabling more candidates to feel comfortable meeting recruiters.

Why Recruiters Need to Meet Their Candidates

  • Recruiters act on behalf of the recruitment agency that they are working for and on behalf of the companies that they are hiring for – Recruiters are often in charge or organising interviews for their clients and this is made much easier throughout meeting their candidates face-to-face.
  • Meeting your recruiter allows for them to understand more about you, and the role that you are looking for, making them more able to place you in a job that you are going to love. Recruiters are well versed in matching the best personalities with the most appropriate companies, taking into consideration culture, ethics and more.
  • Before meeting you, recruiters only have your CV to go off, and although CVs present a great way to provide information, there might be so much that you are missing that your recruiter would never even know unless you met them.
  • Meeting your recruiter will allow you to better prepare yourself. They will provide you with interview tips and advice and ensure that you are ready for your new jobs.
  • You are likely to land a better job when meeting your recruiter, as they are more likely to put candidates forward to their clients that are confident and outgoing.
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