Reasons why iPhone is better than Android Phones

There are numerous reasons why iPhone beats Android phones. It is true that Android phones are designed with exceptional features and offers users more freedom than iPhones. However, there are numerous areas where iPhone is better than Android.

In this post, I will show you why iPhone beats Android. More than the operating system, there are other features from the body to the inner functionalities of the phone. Note that even if you buy used iPhone, it will still offer you a better experience than Android phones.

The iPhone offers users with amazing experience than Android in different ways, although there are situations where Android still wins. Let me present the reasons why Apple’s iPhone is an amazing handset when compared to Android.

  1. User-Friendly Interface

When it comes to the interface of the two brands, you will find the iPhone user interface too friendly. The iOS is straightforward and all apps are placed on the home screen so you just need to tap an app to launch it.

Although Android allows users to customize the home screen, iPhone’s default settings are cool when it comes to the user interface.

  1. The iPhone is easy to use

While Android has tried to promise to streamline their skins, the iPhone still beats Android when it comes to ease of use.

iPhone has maintained the same look for many years this is a plus since users who had used the handset when it was first introduced can still use it now without having any difficulties.

You just need to pick your phone, switch it on and you are ready to make calls, send messages and open any app you want to use.

  1. The speed

The iPhone is much faster than Android. The feature that comes inside of the Apple’s iPhone; A11 Bionic chip makes it perform its operations much quicker.

When it comes to playing games, speed is an essential factor. With the iPhone, you can play games without worrying about speeds.

  1. Incredible camera performance

This is obvious. If you have ever taken pictures or recorded videos using an Android phone, you must have noticed how the iPhone produces clear and amazing photos as well as videos.

  1. Unmatched customer support

Another reason why iPhone beats Android is the fact that iPhone users can access good customer services than Android users.

Many a time, you will find Android users struggling to find after sales service while iPhone users don’t encounter such problems.

  1. Unmatched sharing capabilities

If you want to share files, documents and other important things with other iPhone users, you will find the process simple and easy. The good thing about iPhone is that it also enables users to share location with other iPhone users.

You just need to tap the iMessage and you are good to share your location whereas, with Android, you will have to download third-party apps such as WhatsApp to share location with other Android users.

The AirDrop on the iPhone makes it easy to share photos, links, and files which do not require you to download third-party apps. Android users must download apps like Xander to enable file sharing.

Final words

These are only a few reasons the iPhone is better than Android. What other reasons do you know?

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