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Reasons why hiring an Amateur wedding photographer is a huge mistake

Well, while planning your wedding finding a photographer is an overwhelming task. Most of the couple go for an amateur wedding photographer due to their budget concerns, but since photographs are the elixir for the revival of memories, you must get some extra bucks to hire a professional photographer. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Southern California, there are many professional ones you can rely upon. On the other hand, an amateur photographer lacks professionalism, sophistication, and experience. We must agree that most of the people who settle for a friend to take good pictures don’t have special moments captured in their wedding album.

Have a look at some reasons why hiring an amateur wedding photographer could mess up the events:

Prioritize albums rather than quality of photographs

An amateur photographer would prioritize wedding albums rather than the quality of pictures to make lots of money for medium quality shots. At times, you may think that albums are a better option than quality photos, but you are wrong here. Have quality photographs if your budget is small, you can make records from it later on.

Imperfect candid shots

Investing in amateur wedding photography is a terrible mistake and a significant loss of money. Since he lacks professionalism, your favorite moments would not be captured perfectly. There would be no fun candid shots of the special moments of the day. A wedding photographer in Los Angeles is famous for his techniques of taking perfect candid shots for special moments on the marriage day.

Non-cooperation with other vendors

Hiring a wedding photographer is not just about taking pictures. He is responsible for proper channelization of events by cooperating with other providers such as lighting, decoration and other staff members. An amateur one would work independently not considering the theme of the day and not collaborating with other vendors. This unprofessional behavior could disrupt the normal flow of events.

Skip the fun events

An amateur wedding photograph would not connect with the guests. Instead, he would work on his own independently without considering what events are taking place. He could even skip several laughter moments of the day, emotional ones, cake photographs and much more. He could even skip the fun couple shoot. Professionals have an experience of angles and the lighting to capture a right picture at the right time to depict the best features and hide the imperfect ones.

Inconsiderate backup

Well, backup is necessary in case something fails. Let us consider a scenario, the camera’s battery lowers down, or the camera fails to work. We must agree an unprofessional person would not be having a flawless camera and definitely not a considerate backup to carry on the shoot.

More burden on you

You cannot enjoy the peace of mind, knowing that the photographer is not a professional one. Rather than sitting back and enjoying the ceremonies, your eyes would be somewhere in search where the photographer is and what he is doing? What good is saving a few bucks if it is to put more burdens on you on your wedding day?


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