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Our digital devices have become the core of our way of living. Surviving without them seems impossible. The height of technology is that our homes are also becoming automated now. We have smart home devices which run our homes and make our lives smarter and easier. As our homes become smarter, the variety of wireless networks and technologies become vaster. The standards of wireless networks have enhanced so much that the competition is becoming tougher day by day.

The battle of Zigbee vs Z-Wave seems never ending but at the end of the day, you have to choose one ultimately. If you think that Z-Wave is the ultimate smart home gadget for you, then here are some reasons why choosing it is a good choice to make.


Here are top 5 reasons why, out of these new technology gadgetschoosing Z-wave is going to be a good choice:

  1. Longer range:

Comparing Zigbee with Z-Wave, this one wins with a longer range. It has a line of sight of 100mm whereas Zigbee has a range of 20mm only.


Z-wave uses a frequency band of 908 MHZ which makes it connectivity free from all sorts of interference. Most wireless networks operate at a frequency of 2.5 GHZ, like Wi-Fi and Zigbee but this one stands out. This makes Z-Wave reliable whereas Zigbee isn’t that reliable with its connectivity.


Zigbee uses more power in comparison with Z-Wave. Two AA batteries keep Z-wave appliances running for up to almost 5 years. But you should remember to keep the device in sleep mode when not in use so that it can keep going on for longer.


Z-wave ensures that every device complies with a set of standards. On the other hand, the certification of Zigbee is complicated. The interoperability of Z-Wave is what makes it stand out and a much better option to make as well for home automation.


Z-Wave is simpler to set up which makes it very user friendly. On the contrary, Zigbee is harder to set up and understand. This perk makes it stand high amongst the Zigbee vs Z-Wave battle.

If you have never had any experience in programming or using technologies then Zigbee is not a smart pick for you to make. This is why; Z-Wave is the most opted for choice amongst the two. It is user friendly, has seamless connectivity and larger range as well.


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