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Python is One of the Key Tools for Data Science

One of the key programming languages that is used worldwide is the Python. It is a high level programming language created in the early 90’s. It is preferred over other programming languages like Java and C++ as it has a much smaller syntax thus, much easier to compose. With its dynamic type system and automatic memory management, it supports multiple programming paradigms and has helped in cementing its place in the world of data science.

Usage of python in data science

The modern work force is being driven by data science, it is an amalgamation of various fields of visualisation, maths and statistics, data engineering, and machine learning. It is used to extract meaningful information from both structured and unstructured data sources that is produced every second. Python as an open source language has created a number of tools, like Panda, NumPy, SciPy and others, that help data scientists and has made the process of analysing much easier. Thus, python data science courses have gained momentum over the recent years.

Python’s extensibility has made it the inevitable first choice for data scientists, also it has an extensive library, of about 70,000 Python Package Index, giving data scientists a massive boost over other languages.

Python the first choice in data science

With other programming languages like R, SAS, SQL, and Java, Python a comparatively newer entrant, but is rapidly eating in to the market share. Though it might not still be the first choice, but recent surveys have shown that more people are shifting from R to Python. Job trends also show that employers are looking for more and more people with Python skills. The wages is also at par if not better than the other competitive languages. So, if you are looking to start your career or looking to make a switch, then you should join a python data science course.

Commercial viability

Today, more and more companies are changing over to Python, as it is a multidisciplinary paradigm and it is more in sync with the modern demands. Jobs are available in plenitude, with all job sites showing thousands of opportunities. The salary package is also very lucrative, with an area for massive growth in near future.


The Python is closing on to the more popular sites and has become a popular option for data analysis. So if you are looking for a career option, just join a python data science and machine learning course as soon as possible and start earning big bucks. Its popularity is equal in both India and across the globe.

With the need for data analysis on the rise as huge amounts of data is being generated every second, the need for Python is also on increasing. As a young graduate you are seeking for a job that will pay you well, so if you get an additional python data analysis course done, you will be earning more than your peers.


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