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Procedure of orthopaedic surgery in India

The top orthopaedic hospitals in India provide world class treatment at affordable costs. They do engage in constant research and education. Most of the top orthopaedic hospital in India has the latest in medical equipment and technology. This is considering the fact that the surgeons along with medical staff are the best in the world. For international patients since English is the official language of communication, they are able to interact rather easily. The hospitals treat the patients with a lot of care as well as precision and do want to bring a smile on the face of the patients.

Orthopaedics is related with the diagnosis treatment and care of musculoskeletal problems. With the form of this surgery the problems that arise in the skeleton along with the attachments, tendons or ligaments are corrected. These problems could arise due to ageing or at the time of birth. It could be acute or chronic in nature, but in most cases it occurs due to ageing.

Preparations before planning for the surgery?

To an orthopaedic surgeon, a patient is normally referred to by a physician. Before the surgery a patient is required to undergo a series of tests to determine whether they are ok for the procedure. Common tests include blood, X ray and imaging. The doctor is going to examine the history of the disorder or whether any form of treatment has been undertaken. Normally a period of rest is suggested to the affected region before the surgery is planned. Sometimes an individual may choose to donate their own blood during the course of any major surgery. Bleeding on a heavy level is a common occurrence in most surgeries.

A lot of people have been part of this surgery which has helped them to recover from the injuries or restore their lost mobility. The success of an operation is dependent on the general health and age of a patient. It also depends upon the ability of a patient to undergo rehab methods after the surgery. Some of the abnormal results from this surgery would be excessive bleeding that could result in slow recovery.

Common types of orthopaedic surgeries?

  • Podiatry surgery- the lost function of your ankles or knees is restored. For a patient who is suffering from ligament or joint problem this surgery is recommended. Patients are offered a variety of solutions to fix the bones or joints
  • Knee surgery- In this form of surgery the surgeon goes on to repair or replace the deceased portions of your knee. Artificial parts are used in the replacement of the same. The main purpose of this surgery is to restore the lost mobility of your knees and reduce the pain of the knees.

Why India

In the last few years, India has become an unofficial hub of medical tourism. Thousands of patients from all over the world are considering India for their orthopaedic needs. The main reasons for this shift are the technology along with infrastructure which is considered to be the best in the world.


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