Preparing For a Career in Real Estate Industry!

In the real estate industry, many people have a common misconception that in order to succeed you need to have a lot of financial resources. However, this is not true. Those people who have actually ventured into this sector and have been successful have an entirely different story to tell. They say that there are elements of sustainability and viability that have a hand in the success in the real estate industry.

Meet a real estate professional with experience in business management and technology

Sassan Kimiavi is the Founder and CEO of Paragon Technology Group. He is an experienced entrepreneur, business and technical professional. He completed his PhD in Computer Science from The George Washington University in the USA. As Founder of the Paragon Technology Group, he established an esteemed Federal Contracting Company that specialized in IT Professional Services, software development, Program and Project Management to its clientele.

The importance of focusing on quality solutions and services

He had the primary focus of providing quality solutions and services, client satisfaction and compliance, he successfully expanded The Paragon Technology Group to 225 employees. His Company started to earn an annual revenue of $42 million. He sold the Company in 2012 and with his experience in business management he successfully supervised a real estate development firm that was compliant with the Montgomery County Codes. He went on to establish successful subcontractor and supplier relationships that focused on top quality customer service.

Skills essential for the real estate market

When it comes to the real estate market today, he says that besides finance, it is important for the professional to evaluate productive engagements in the market today. He should be able to interpret the statistical data. He should be aware of trends that will help the firm prosper in the field of real trade. Now, this is something that cannot be developed overnight. It takes years of hard work and experience for you to be aware of the market. You develop the above skills with practice. There are trials and errors, however, they are essential for your growth as a real estate professional he says.

Formal training

He says that if you aspire to join the real estate industry as a successful professional, having a formal education in it will give you a competitive edge in the market. You may undergo a college degree or opt for a diploma in financial or business management, urban planning or civil engineering. Your education will be enhanced if you can attend real estate assessments and classes along with getting the specific license to qualify you as a professional in the market.

Sassan Kimiavi says that along with your education, practical training is also important in the field of real estate. He says that after you have completed your education, it is important for you to join a job and start working in a real estate company or firm. This phase will give you practical insights into the purchase, sales and development of real estate. You should absorb all the information as much as you can get. He says capital can be built up with personal savings along with supplemental funds and this will prepare you for a bright future investment.

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