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Potential Risks Demerits of Buying a Cheap Copy of Original Vaporizers

Potential Risks & Demerits of Buying a Cheap Copy of Original Vaporizers

Vaping devices are gradually turning into reliable alternatives to traditional smoking measures like cigarette and joints. A large share of vaping devices is occupied by cannabis consumer’s market because it is convenient to use and produce vapors rather than smoke. The vapors of content are safe to consume as they contain a minimal level of toxins and no charcoal at all. Currently, physicians are also suggesting their patients consume CBD through vaporizers because they don’t involve any negative impact on health. Vaporizers are currently available in distinctive models that you can buy for individual or group consumption purpose. Some companies are manufacturing high quality evolved vaporizers to provide great impact in every puff. Nevertheless, some are copying their mechanism and selling inferior quality vaporizers that potentially harmful. Here are some points that will educate you about the negative impacts of duplicate vaporizers.

Risks of using a clone vaporizer

  • Incompatible internal mechanism

From outside, a typical vape user cannot identify whether the device is real or fake. Its outer shell may be the same but the internal mechanism varies. The cloned devices manufacturers use parts that are not compatible with each other. For instance, the compatibility issue of the atomizer with a battery may result in poor vaping effect. Due to the lack in balancing temperature, the content will exhaust rapidly or not produce sufficient vapors at all.

  • Short circuit

Poorly assembled parts of a vaporizer many result in short circuit. While carrying a vaporizer in your pocket, a short circuit in wires can become of the injurious blast. Pirated products are unreliable and nobody takes responsibility if any mishap occurs.

  • Battery explosion risk

Battery explosion many occur even without short circuit if its manufacturing ingredients are highly unstable. The chemical reaction during vaping can result in a lethal blast. Even if you are carrying such product, kindly remove the battery before putting in your pocket.

Quality issues with fake vaporizers

  • Inadequate infusion of content

Using the wrong combination of the atomizer with container or battery even with the best cheap desktop vaporizer spoil the entire content. It will either exhaust the stuff too quickly or heat inadequately.

  • Poor quality vapors

The ultimate goal of every vaporizer is producing thick vapors with a smooth blend. However, it is not possible if the content is diffusing inadequately. The creates poor quality vapors that may hit hard on your lungs and also burn out the key ingredients of THC. Also, you will not be able to enjoy the flavor of cartridge fluid because it burns wrongly.

  • No spare parts or repair option

In the case, if any damage occurs, you cannot find the replacement of a cheap desktop vaporizer made by the unauthorized manufacturer. They only sell the single unit without replacement options of charger, battery or atomizer etc.

These reasons are enough to tell you why clone vaping devices are harmful. They don’t only produce poor quality vapors but also dangerous due to the explosion risk.


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