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Points To Remember While Visiting The Synagogue Church Of All Nations

The Synagogue Church of All Nations is Nigerian church, which has a worldwide reputation for its claims of curing patients of various illnesses through its faith healings. Many of the devotees who visit this place of worship regard this as God’s miracles to remain human beings that He exists and loves his children. The brainchild of the conception of this church is Prophet TB Joshua and eight of his prominent followers who began their congregation in a humble shelter in Logas. Today, this church has branches in many part of the world, which include South Africa, Greece, Ghana and the United Kingdom.The officials of The Synagogue Church of All Nations or SCOAN advice churchgoing people who wish visit this place of worship to witness firsthand its claims faith healing to plan their travel schedule. Moreover, they need consider the following points:

  1. Provide answers to a questionnaire on their health

Most followers come to this church to finds a cure to their ailments, which doctors are unable to heal until date. Due to this, it is important for them to answer certain critical questions about their current health condition. Moreover, they need to take into consideration the following:

  • If such patients find it difficult to move because of their medical disorders, they may not qualify for housing as most of the rooms are on the upper floors of the church; and
  • It is possible for such followers to send a friend or relative to act as a proxy on their behalf or make arrangement for a daytime visit in prayer line.
  1. Fill in an online survey regarding their visit

All followers need to provide answers to personal questions about themselves and the purpose of their visit in an online application form, which is available at the church’s website at http://www.scoan.org/visit/visit-us/.

  1. Wait until a confirmation arrives from the church

After receiving the online applications from potential followers, the church officials will scrutinize the answers thoroughly before them informing them as to the date they can visit the church. In the meantime, they insist that such churchgoers should not prepare to visit this place of worship until they receive their confirmation.

  1. Stay in touch with church official

If for any reason, people wishing to visit the church want to contact any of its officials before or after receiving their confirmation, they can do so by sending a mail to info@scoan.org.

  1. Prepare necessary travel document

After receiving their confirmation from the church authorities, followers need to ensure that certain travel documents like their passport, visas and conformation letters are in order and ready. In addition to this, they need to book a flight and meet the representatives of the church on arrival who make the subsequent arrangements. The church officials also advise these followers to have adequate cash with them at all times during their visit.

The officials at The Synagogue Church of All Nations or SCOAN insist that churchgoers who want to visit the church for their sicknesses should keep in mind the above points.


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