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Points to be aware about cancer during the tenure of pregnancy

Pretty much on the lines of immunology in pregnancy medicine, you need to be aware what cancer all about is during the course of pregnancy.  You need to take note of the fact that pregnancy is not going to cause cancer and when you are suffering from pregnancy it is not going to speed up the process as well.

There are some hormones that could contribute to cancer and an example would be melanoma, but this too appears on the uncommon side as well. You need to be aware that cancer is not going to have an impact on the unborn baby, but there are certain therapies that are going to cause a lot of risk as well.

You need to work with your doctor on what are the best treatment options for your baby. At the same time the health of the mother would also seem to be a lot important as well. As per oncology pregnancy medicine the doctor needs to be aware on how to diagnose and treat cancer when you are pregnant.

Before we proceed ahead we need to take note of the fact that cancer during pregnancy is a relatively rare occurrence. Studies does point to the fact that 1 out of 1000 women are diagnosed with cancer during the time of pregnancy. One of the main reasons why the chance of cancer does increase is because more and more women are waiting for the delivery date for the kids to be born as well.

At the same time the risk of cancer goes on to increase as and when you are about to age. You need to take note of the fact that breast cancer is one of the most common type of cancers that woman face during the tenure of pregnancy. Nearly 1 out of 30,000 women do suffer from breast cancer during the stage of diagnosis.

If the doctor is of the opinion that you are suffering from cancer during pregnancy he will ask you to appear for certain tests. This tends to includes

 X ray

With the help of X rays low levels of radiation will reach out to the body. Medical experts are of the opinion that the levels of radiation are not going to harm the unborn baby in any way. It is suggested that pregnant women should go on to wear a shield during the process of X ray. The reason being that it goes on to protect the developing baby.

CT scan

With this method a picture of the organs of your body is taken. On a computer you can say that a X ray machine is being hooked up. It suggests that a CT scan of the pelvis needs to be done only at the time of emergencies. Once again you are expected to spot a shield during this procedure as well.


Here you rely on the use of magnets to find out what is happening inside your body.


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