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Photography as a career choice?

One of the most popular and ever growing hobbies among youngsters is photography especially as the camera in the mobile phones gets better than ever before. Also there are so many genre in photography that can sometime confuse youngsters. I am writing this post so as it gives some idea and clarity to all the people who are thinking of making a career in the field of photography.

Is only having interest enough?

If you ask any one about their hobbies or interest –  The most common answers that you get is Music, Reading, Photography….. Yes, Photography is one of the most common answer you hear. Thanks to magical device in our hands, Almost each and every one of us has tried photography to some extent. In fact having interest is a good thing. It is the start point. But when you consider taking Photography as a career choice than having only interest won’t help. If you enjoy photographing occasionally do continue it.  It is better that you first explore your interest for photography and then see where it goes.

You want to do Travel Photography?

Do you want to travel the earth and photograph. Well you have a good bank balance than you sure could. Will companies pay you to travel and photograph? Probably, No. Travel photography and Travel blogging is a myth that have been spread by few wealthy kids on the internet. Companies always try to keep their cost low. So if they are having any assignment in Cape Town – they ideally hire a local photographer to get things done. This give them two advantages – They get things done at less cost plus local photographer have better knowledge and competency for that assignment. There are very few companies left who make their photographer travel around the country, Let alone globe.  Even National Geographic have started hiring good local photography talents to save cost.

Reality vs Expectation:

Many of you must have been inspired to take up photography as a career after watching movies like 3 idiots, Bang Bang Club, or Yeh Jawani hai Deewani. But the matter of the fact is – Its not that easy to make a living out of photography career. Keep this fact in mind Photography is a ultra competitive field and there are already thousands of qualified and talented photographers sweating it hard to make ends meet. I really not mean to discourage you but bring you face to face with reality.

All that said if our true calling is photography and you are ready to take up to the challenges that this field poses – then go ahead!

Where and When to start

It is important when you start. If you have already made up your mind to pursue photography as a career, it is better that you start early. Also you can make several important decision like you can take arts or mass communication after your high school. Now a days many young students are pursuing photography courses right after high school. I applaud it – It shows clarity of mind those people. There are many institutes and colleges which are offering photography courses. Research thoroughly about the art school or college you are planning to join. Take feedback about them from alumni, It will give you a very fair idea about that institute or college.

What is your calling?

There are many genre’s in photography as you might already know. Fashion, Wildlife, Photojournalism, and Pre wedding photography etc to name a few. Don’t worry with time you will know what you like more and you can decide accordingly. Each specialization has to be studied separately so it is important that you do enough research before selecting your specialization.

But I am not sure, What to do?

That’s perfectly fine. No worries. Try to spend some time photographing whenever you can. Participate in various photography competitions. Upload your photographs in online communities such as Yourshot by National Geographic, Flickr.com etc It is always good to get constructive feedback for your photos.



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