Ordering food online a solution for many

Are you looking for a food that excites you? Are you looking for food and cuisines that are slightly different from what we eat every day? Then here’s the good news for you, one more super exciting order food online platforms is here. Quality, variety and fun is promised by the new age mini kitchen model. So now order food online in Mumbai is made more fun by the players like Holachef& Fresh Menu.

Riding the wave of order food online the food start-ups are focussing on the delivered food rather than on the food for delivery, creating a difference in the market. The journey of the food from the farm to your plate is differently viewed and packaged differently. At every juncture the food quality is checked and rechecked for your best experience.

The food start-ups especially Fresh Menu has been experimenting with worldwide cuisine, cooked, packed and sent to customers with the promise of quality and sharp delivery. The freshly made, chef-cooked food in a box is served from your neighbourhood and they follow a hub-and-spoke model.

The menu items are very creatively curated to engage the younger generation who look for something new most of the time. Rainbow burrito bowl, the veggie dumplings, exotic Naples pizza, cheesy palakpaneer pizza are few things that have recently been ordered from Fresh Menu and the taste is really out of the world. According to your mood and taste you can order food online and the rest is taken care of by them. The complete operations are owned by the company and it reflected in the way food is packaged to the way it is delivered by the delivery boy.

We Indians are very adaptive to any change and the technological change or the new trend of order food online has been embraced by the major metros. This trend is now catching up in the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. The necessity of locating a restaurant or the need to go and approach a stranger to ask for a restaurant is a matter of the past, when you have your best friend “your mobile” in your hand all the information you need is just few searches away. Just with a search term of order food online in Mumbai you are bombarded with aplethora of options of restaurants and cuisines that suit your tingling taste buds.

This new generation of food aps and the order food online cuulture will be a major influence on Indian food habits especially the impact on the Indian cooking habits will be talked about in the future as food apps have made life so easy. Many working parents have started fulfilling the demands of their children with the food delivery apps and the best time they use these apps are during the commute back from office. So the worry and pressure of learning and trying a new cuisine that their kids occasionally ask is no more for parents now. It is a win win solution across all age groups.

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