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One language, many ways to speak it

Here in the UK we enjoy a wide variety of regional accents and dialects. For such a small nation, we have a huge number of different accents but not all are viewed in a positive way. The unique thing about dialects in the UK is that there are so many of them, many more than are found across the whole of North America.

Here are the most and least appealing UK accents as decided by a YouGov poll:

Poor old Birmingham came in last place for the most attractive accent. This is such a shame as the people here are warm, generous and full of down-to-earth comedy. They probably know their accent is the butt of many a joke but with a city so full of enterprise and creativity, Brummies are surely having the last laugh. If you feel like visiting all the city has to offer, even the dodgy accent, then why not enjoy the comfort and freedom of a serviced apartment? For stylish Birmingham Serviced Apartments, visit http://www.8waterloostreet.co.uk/

Sitting alongside the Brummie accent is Scouse and Mancunian. The Scouse dialect is highly distinctive with its rising and falling tones, which give it almost a sing song quality. The Yorkshire accent scores better with people speaking the accent viewed as straight-talking and honest. It is recognisable for its shortening of ‘the’ to ‘t’ sound and other popular phrases like ‘Eee by gum!’

Cockney is probably the most famous of our dialects across the world, after the Queen’s English. Strictly speaking, only those born within earshot of the Bow Bells can claim true cockney heritage but that has been extended somewhat to any who says ‘Awwight Geezer!’. It is one of the most imitated accents of the UK but also difficult to get completely right. Don’t think Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins – that was not cockney!

The South Welsh accent is considered one of the most musical or melodic of accents. The unique lilt of this accent comes from the rhythm of the Welsh language. It has been voted as one of the most favourite and sexy accents of the British Isles – no doubt in part thanks to Tom Jones!

Scottish accents have been ranked high on the list of most instantly recognisable accents. It scores well in popularity and sexiness but there is one Scottish accent that leaves both the Scots and English bemused. The strong Glaswegian accent has always proved a tricky one to follow.

Geordie is another much beloved regional accent which has been called the hardest accent for foreigners to understand. Linguists believe that the Geordie accent is a remnant of the Anglo-Saxon language which was spoken in the North East more than a thousand years ago.


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