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New company to provide meals to Warwickshire schools

School dinners! From the long gone days of lumpy custard and questionable stew, to the modern cafeteria style of serving dishes covering all food groups, this lunchtime meal continues to play a key role in both primary and secondary schools.

Each county makes its own plans and arrangements for the preparation and delivery of school meals, with some directly employing cooks on site, and others putting the service out to tender. However, Warwickshire County Council has developed a third option; setting up a Local Authority Traded Company, Educaterers.

Welcome Educaterers

Educaterers will supply school dinners to around 200 schools in the county, and with a proud history of running successful outside catering to schools for over 25 years, there’s no doubt this extended venture is capable of delivering. The move to become a traded company allows access to trade deals with local food producers and suppliers, and the opportunity to make a profit which can be re-invested to grow and strengthen the company directly.

Commitment to health

Around 25,000 meals will be served every day, to nearly 200 schools throughout Warwickshire, and as the company sports The Soil Association’s Silver Food for Life Award, parents can rest assured that the food served is always sourced from fresh. The focus where possible is on local, organic and seasonal ingredients, with animal welfare being a priority too. Of course, food storage and handling are top class too, as companies like this tend to use quality counter display cold storage from specialist suppliers like https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/serve-over-counters.

Meet the Nutrigang

Primary school children are being encouraged to enjoy the school meal service by Educaterer’s campaign introducing the Nutrigang, a group of friends who are very different but all love healthy, delicious food. This is, of course, exactly the message the company wants to get across to parents who may be wary of school meals based on their own, sometimes unpleasant, past experiences.

The future is bright

With successful re-tenders boosting turnover, and a current staff of 700, things are going from strength to strength for this innovative catering company – http://costsectorcatering.co.uk/educaterers-take-over-warwickshire-school-meals-delivery.

Having a nutritious and delicious school meal service is important, especially for children who use it as the main meal of the day. Perhaps the trend to create companies this way could spread across the country, based on Educaterer’s success?


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