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Never Wait to File a Personal Injury Claim

Filing a claim for a personal injury can become involved. Therefore, you need to act immediately if you feel that your injury is the result of negligence. Never procrastinate when filing this type of claim because time is used as a factor in receiving a settlement.

Initiating a Legal Claim

Because a serious injury can alter your daily life, you need to speak to a lawyer about your situation if you feel that you can prove negligence. Not only does a personal injury affect your quality of life but it can prevent you from working and affect your finances. If you want to realise a fair and equitable settlement, you need to review your claim with a lawyer.

Gathering Evidence

To initiate the claims process, a personal injury solicitor asks questions related to the mishap. He or she may also take pictures of the site of the mishap. Investigation also includes consulting an accident book where the incident was recorded. Other information used for evidence includes medical reports and witness testimonies.

If your injury has caused you discomfort, you should keep a diary of how you are feeling. For instance, you may want to record that the pain you are experiencing has led to a disruption in performing everyday tasks or has led to sleeplessness.

Determining the Compensation

After gathering evidence, a personal injury lawyer in Middlesbrough quantifies the damages. He or she creates a detailed assessment of the amount of compensation that may be due for various aspects of your loss. He or she evaluates how much may be owed for loss of amenity, pain and suffering, care costs, and loss of earnings.

If there is a dispute, you will have to go to court. Your lawyer will direct you through the court process before taking legal action. However, that being said, most personal injury cases are settled outside the court’s chambers. If no dispute arises about liability or the severity of an injury, an insurance company will normally want to settle out of court.

Reaching a Settlement

Your lawyer and the solicitor of the defendant will negotiate proper compensation after reviewing the evidence. This process is advantageous for all parties as it reduces any fees assessed to the defendant.

Whilst you may think that your injury and accident are clear cut, you need to use the services of a personal injury solicitor to make a claim. When you work with a lawyer, he or she can ensure that you receive all the compensation that is due. Because a claim can include complicated legal issues, a personal injury specialist can assist you in maximising your compensation and the resulting settlement.

Again, do not procrastinate when initiating a claim. The time limit is three years from the time you are aware that you suffered an injury.


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