Neurologic ED can originate from complications of trauma, chronic disease, surgical injury, or iatrogenic triggers. When selecting treatment for ED associated with different types of neurological diseases, pay attention to the recommendations below. At, we offer ED medicines appropriate for patients affected by neurological diseases.


Diabetic neuropathy is the most typical trigger of erectile dysfunction. ED produced by diabetic autonomic neuropathy touches up to 50 percent of men affected by diabetes.

Because diabetes is a blood vessels disease, which can curtail erectile function, sildenafil citrate will most likely not work as well in diabetic neuropathy as in other neurological conditions. Only half of patients with ED originating from diabetic neuropathy positively respond to sildenafil citrate. Such patients can also be treated with injections of penile prostaglandin.


Neurological ED is frequently instigated by multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease that often develops in younger men with an average age of 40. Moreover, ED may be the very first clear indicator of MS. ED is easily treatable in this category of patients and that is precisely why it`s essential to detect it.

Viagra can be successfully applied in patients with ED and MS. In fact, such patients demonstrate a better response to treatment than other groups, since there is a neurological trigger and patients are healthy young males otherwise.


ED is accompanying Parkinson disease (PD) but typically represent a late symptom. At the same time, ED strikes early in the course of multiple system atrophy (MSA), which might imitate young-onset PD.

If a patient with an average age of 55 has ED and incontinence, it might be a warning for MSA. Viagra can be applied to treating ED associated with MSA, with the notice that it should be avoided in patients with hypotension.

It is not yet clear why ED hits patients with Parkinson disease: it may be either part of the disease development or just a signal of aging. Sildenafil citrate and other PDE inhibitors may be used for treating ED in association with PD. Tadalafil, a longer-lasting PDE may be superior to Viagra for PD patients.


ED can also occur in patients with epilepsy, while the pathology may be somewhat different from neurologic causes. Even though epilepsy is neurogenic in its origin, associated ED might be attributed to endocrinologic dysfunction. These patients are frequently disinterested in sexual activity and can be treated with sildenafil only if they feel motivated. Clomiphene citrate is another medication that has been shown effective in epilepsy-induced ED – it is applied to boost testosterone levels in hypogonadal male patients.


Because a lot of spinal cord injury patients are younger men, they are most likely to be receptive to ED treatment. Research indicates that nearly 50 percent of patients rehabilitated from spinal cord injury can enjoy at least one sexual intercourse per week.

Pharmacotherapy should be introduced on an individual basis and comorbidities must be considered. Although Viagra can help gain an erection in spinal cord injury patients with ED, using it might be pointless since such patients tend to have other neurological problems, including lack of sensation.

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