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NBA 2K17 Simply Bowls You Over

Many computer games are launched every month. Some games gain legendary status while others are at times panned by the critics and the players alike. However, it is very rarely that we get a game which receives accolades by one and all. NBA 2K17, is definitely one of those games. It is being liked by people all over the world. It is being celebrated by the serious gamers as well as the beginners alike. This is a game which takes the name of the NBA2k16 a notch higher. It is a much improved game which not only loves up to the expectation but also exceeds it. Some of the factors which has been instrumental in winning over the players all over the globe are the high quality graphics, great game play and the new style of  NBA 2k17 locker codes.

In this article we will be talking more about the product as a whole as well as concentrating on the locker codes aspect of the game, as this has only been introduced in this edition of the game.

Two Editions

One of the changes that you notice before you even buy the product is the fact that there are two editions of the NBA 2K17 game. As a player it gets quite tricky to choose which one you want to buy. The two editions are the Legends Editons and the other Regular edition. While both the versions of this game has been highly praised by critics it is the legends edition which gets more likes. It is simply because in the legends edition has some extra physical and digital bonuses apart from that there is not a lot of difference, of course not counting that the legends edition has Kobe Bryant on the cover whereas the regular version has Paul George decorating the cover.

Locker Codes

In the NBA 2k17 locker codes come as great news for the game enthusiasts. In this game to the 2k sports provides some bonus locker codes. If you are not aware of the locker code concept then you must know that this is as valuable or the same thing as virtual currency in the game. In most cases virtual currencies are needed to be bought with real money by the players. However, as a gesture to its customers, the game provides some free virtual currencies to the people who buy the game. With this virtual currency or locker codes you can enhance many aspects of the game like the player’s attributes. You can get the locker codes from the website.

Other Improvements

The graphics tam has done a commendable job with the look and feel of the game. It runs in a much smoother manner when compared to the previous editions. The Visual Concepts developers have successfully managed to streamline the controls this time around. Other aspects of the game too has been refined to give the players a better experience. This game is launched across various platforms like PS3, PS4, Xbox as well as Xbox 360 so more number of people can enjoy it.


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