Must-see sights in Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh, the largest state in India is often called the heart of India. Bhopal also considered as the greenest city in India is the capital city of this state. It has an abundant natural beauty and a rich and glorious past that attract tourists in great numbers. Its rich history can be gauged by the fact that the rock paintings found here are nearly 30,000 years old. Here are some of the leading tourist destinations in Bhopal.


Discovered accidentally in 1957-58 by archaeologist Dr Vishnu Wakankar, these caves highlight the rich history ofBhopal, the rock paintings inscripted on the cave walls date back 15,000 years representing various periods from upper Paleolithic to medieval period. Bhimbetka is the perfect destination if you love to feel part of the world of the bygone era.

National Museum of Mankind

Also referred to as Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya estd in 1985, is a 200 acre museum on Shyamala hills. Also referred to as the Tribal Habitat Museum, here you can learn about the various tribal cultureprevalent across the country. The dwellings of the tribals are made into life-size exhibits that make it look even more amazing.

Upper lake

Bhopal also called “the city of lakes” has a very popular tourist site: the upper lake. It is the biggest lake in the state, the water n the lake is believed to have curative powers which can cure skin cancer. Be here at dawn and get spellbound by the spectacular view.

Bhojpur temple

Though considered to be an incomplete piece of art yet it does not fail to impress. With its exquisite  carvings. Situated on the banks of river Betwa is the Bhojpur temple. This temple has an awe-inspiring shivaling a carved  out of a single piece of rock and is also the largest shivalinga.Others include: Birla museum, Taj-ul-masajid, Van Vihar National park etc.Booking a hotel in Bhopal is also very easy, to name a few of the best hotels in Bhopal you can choose from.

Van Vihar National Park

The park located near the Upper Lake is one of the places that draws many visitors every year. Founded in 1979 the place gives more of a zoological feel than that of a national park. The animals are not brought here by force from the surrounding forests. Rather, orphan animals from other zoos of the country are given shelter in this place. You can watch gharials, lions, bears, tigers and other carnivorous animals kept in habitats surrounded by trenches and fences. The deer and sambars, however, roam around freely in the fields. A wide variety of princes can be seen owing to the adjoining Upper lake wetlands. During winter birds from as far as Japan and Siberia come to this place.

State Archeological Museum

If archaeology interests you then this is the ideal place, which you should not miss while visiting Bhopal. Look at the rare sculptures and paintings that will take you back ages. It is located very close to the National Museum of Mankind. If you select the right hotels in Bhopal then it will become easier for you to visit all the places.

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