Monument immigration – simple solution to become Naturalized citizens

Holding a Green Card is not an easy thing because the Immigration law is complex. There are many advantages of attaining a  Green Card. Choosing the wrong attorney can delay the case by months. The Monument immigration system guides in the efficient application process and they provide the services in six locations, such as, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Utah. The Monument immigration office in Utah offers many services including adjustment of status, naturalization, DACA, K-1 Visas, and more. Visit the link to get complete details about Utah monument immigration.

What’s the Difference between Naturalization and Citizenship?

Naturalization results in permanent United States citizenship and naturalized citizens can rightfully vote and enjoy all of the privileges and responsibilities of US citizens. While both naturalization and citizenship certificate prove you are a United States citizen, they aren’t the equivalent document. A United States citizenship certificate is given to the one who gets citizenship from their US parents, whereas a certificate of naturalization is given to the one who later becomes a citizen through naturalization process.

The naturalization process is managed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service and permits foreign citizens who are 18 or older to naturalize as US citizens. However, typically when somebody is born outside the United States to parents who are already US citizens, that child is usually able to get a citizenship credential.The procedure for naturalization starts with, of course, paperwork. Candidates must also meet other necessities, such as length of residence and continuous residence, and English language skill (for both speaking and writing). Even though the naturalization process might seem overwhelming, its requirements are truly quite simple. To hold Green Card, you must:

  • Be aresident of the United States for the past five years, or three years if you’re married to a US legal resident
  • Have survived in the US for at least six months
  • Have no illegal history for the previous five (or three) years of residency

As every case is different, be sure to discuss with an immigration lawyer to make sure you or your spouse meet the necessities for naturalization. Naturalized citizens can get a US passport, are authorized to vote, and are permitted to all the same benefits afforded to other citizens. The government permits for applicants to submit copies of most documents. The applicant can easily send documents by email or fax, or upload them through the client portal. However, original documents are very essential during the interview. Visit to get complete details and services regarding naturalization.

Monument’s immigration lawyers gives the complete details about the necessary information and documentation. In most cases, they will submit applicants’ application for processing within 48 hours of receiving the relevant information and documentation. In addition, they will make sure that the client completely prepared for naturalization interview to give the best odds of achievement in becoming naturalized citizens. After the government receives the application, it generally takes around six months to be processed.

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