Making Learning An Amazing Journey!

Learning does not have to be a dull and boring academic endeavor. You have the chance to become a lover of any subject provided you have the right academic teacher by your side.  There are many cases where students hate subjects just because their teachers make it drab and boring.  Classroom teaching needs to be fun to inspire the student to learn.  Unfortunately, there are a few teachers across the world that understand this simple truth. Students often develop an aversion for a subject because these teachers do not make learning interesting enough.

Changing the face of education

Thomas M Rollins is the Founder of The Great Courses established in 1990. Years ago, he faced the above dilemma when he was a law student at Harvard University in the USA. He says that he was about to appear for an examination that was very important to him. It was an examination on the Federal Rules of Evidence in the USA. He found the subject to be very boring. He was lucky to find 10 video tapes on the subject by Professor Irving Younger. He sat in front of his television and watched all the 10 video tapes back to back. He was surprised on the impact this gesture created on his life. He understood the concepts and the subject matter well. The video tapes were engaging and interactive in a unique way. He really enjoyed learning that day. He went on to give his examination and he scored an “A” in it. This is how he created The Thomas Rollins Teaching courses known as The Great Courses today!

Mission to make learning interactive and extremely fun

The Great Courses have made millions of videos on various subjects on various subjects for students to learn from. Classroom teaching is very monotonous and it is a place where the student is entitled to lose interest very quickly. If the student does not like a subject, grades dip as they reluctantly study the subject as a burden. The Great Courses create videos that are made by eminent teachers on the subject. These videos are interactive and lively. In short they are fun for the students to learn. They have the right audio visual balance that gives the student the liberty to learn right from the privacy and the comforts of their home.

Course modules that come with a 100% Lifelong Satisfaction Guarantee

The Thomas Rollins Teaching course modules have helped many students across the world love subjects they had once considered to be boring. They like the manner in which the subjects are carefully explained by some of the best teachers in the world.

Each course disc can be replaced during the production of the course in case it is damaged or breaks. The Great Courses gives its students a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee when it comes to the quality and the content of the modules. Students may visit the official website of The Great Courses and find the training video of their choice without hassles. Meet an individual who is changing the lives of students across the world.

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