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Make-up Industry: From Ancient Times Until Today

Cosmetic products are among the oldest tools for improving one’s appearance. In fact, they have been used since the ancient times for variety of uses, from being protective balms to improving one’s skin.

Make-Up: Ancient Times

The use of makeup has been first used during the ancient times, although its application is not the same with today. The word ‘cosmetics’ actually comes from the Greek word ‘kosmetiketekhne’ which basically means ‘technique and ornament’. Historical accounts contend that the first evidence of cosmetics is found on the hollowed out tombs of Ancient Egypt. There were also references to cosmetics in the Old Testament, as seen in 2 Kings 9:30.

Historians and geologists, based on artifacts found, say that among the early major developments on cosmetics during the ancient times include the use of castor oil as a protective balm, and beeswax, olive oil, and rosewater as skin creams. As centuries went by, cosmetics saw significant developments including the use of Vaseline and lanolin in the 19th century, and Nivea Crème in 1911.

Cosmetics were not safe from scrutiny however. In the 19th century, the Western society was not very open to makeup products as evident during the era of Queen Victoria. The queen even publicly declared cosmetics improper, obscene, and should only be used by theater actors.

Cosmetics Today

Makeup products are among the leading products when it comes to beauty and wellness. Celebrities and affluent people are not the only ones that wear cosmetic products as even the most simple woman can wear it well. The emergence of the fashion and beauty industry has been one of the main reasons for the sharp increase in the sales of makeup products. Celebrities endorsing cosmetic products, cosmetic product commercial placements, events sponsored by cosmetic brands – these are some of the most common reasons for the emergence of the cosmetic industry.

The Industry in Australia

In Australia, women are very passionate about cosmetics. As it is, cosmetic industry has found a sweet place in the said country. Since Australians have strong and unique fashion sense, makeup products have become in demand. The popularity of cosmetic products does not end the great demand from consumers but the shifting and improving trends in the industry as well.Countless cosmetic brands are in the Australian market today. From high fashion make-up to those for daily use. Almost all shades possible and imaginable are already out in the market. As years progress, so as the techniques used to produce make-up. Some of the more popular ones are made of natural ingredients to ensure safe and hypoallergenic products.

Aside from the rise of certain cosmetics brands, other products and services related to beauty and wellness have likewise flourished. Case in point: non surgical face lift. Since more people today are conscious about their physical looks, it is not uncommon for some to invest on procedures that will make them look younger and more confident. Non surgical face lift has been the go-to procedure of people who want to look young without having to under the knife. This procedure is simple yet very effective, which is why it is most popular among Australian women.

Indeed the beauty and cosmetics industry in Australia is booming, and there are no signs of it stopping. However, as consumers, everyone should be cautious about the products they apply to their face, and the services to undergo, to ensure their safety. It is wise to read reviews and feedbacks on certain products you want to try. The last thing you want to is to buy products that are not effective and can even put your skin and health at risk.


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