List of Interesting Facts aboutsummer

Because of magic or chemistry, affairs are more frequent during summer, so both men and women are more prone to affairs when the temperature goes up. Despite the increased number of frauds, the summer is a period when people are less likely to break up. If you want to learn how foam works call us today.

When they are happy, people do not notice whether it is summer or winter. Some, however, are happier during summer. They have the impression that life begins again during summer. Or, like the writer Jenny Han, believe that all magic things happen from June to August.

Life energy is also present in the virtual world. By analyzing tweets, scientists have found that, with the approach of the summer, the messages are more positive and optimistic. On some, however, the summer does not work well. Although it is believed that due to the dark days of winter we are more depressed, suicides are more frequent during summer. The reason, according to scientists, lies in seasonal hormonal changes.

From Paris to Hollywood

Summer is times for travel, go on vacation, enjoy shopping, visit historical sights, swim and do water sports, go to the park. Whoever visits Paris needs to know that in the summer heat,the iron on the Eiffel Tower is expanding, which makes the symbol of France grow by 15 centimeters. And the next time you want to kill boring mosquitos, know that these loyal followers of the summer originated 30 million years ago.

The month July was named in honor of Julius Caesar. August was named according to Caesar’s adoptive nephew and founder of the Roman Empire Octavian Augustus. September has no “emperor” origin; it is named after the Latin word septem, meaning seven. Not without a reason, in the era of the Romans, September was the seventh month of the year.

We are not only benefiting from travel agencies, but also by the film industry. Hollywood is tempting to make films for the summer because cinemas are the most visited during that time.

Ginis’s records

The world’s largest swimming pool is located in Chile, it has sea water, and is 1.013 meters long and occupies an area of ​​8 hectares. The longest beach towel was made by a Spanish company and presented in 2010 on the Canary Islands. It was 87 meters long and 25 meters wide. In the following year, 11,000 volunteers took part in the creation of a sandstone sculpture on the Baltic Sea. Ten times fewer participants, more precisely 1085, had a bikini parade held in China in 2012, but that was enough to become the longest parade of that kind in history.

That same year, in Australia, 1006 people participated in the busiest summer category – the number of people who at the apply sunscreen at the same time.

Successful people are not born in July

Summer babies, say scientists, have fewer pounds than those born in other seasons. In childhood, these children tend to develop ADHD, and in adulthood more often suffer from mood swings. Also, they are less likely to become directors, but they are happier.

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