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List of Diseases You Can Treat with Medicinal Marijuana

In the cold and transient season, the first respiratory organs are the ones that suffer most. When we begin to cough, we first think that we got the flu. If that’s all, then the disease is harmless and will pass without medication. But what if it’s not that? Namely, coughing is often a symptom of the flu and various other diseases that require therapy.
Usually, besides examinations, doctors diagnose us by describing the type of cough, they examine whether we have the so-called “dry” irritating cough, or the mucus “productive” cough. The medical marijuana doctor canada will share a list of diseases you can treat with medicinal marijuana.

Here is a list of some of the most common diseases we can get if we do not treat ourselves on time:

The characteristics of this disease is rarely associated with lung inflammation. The main symptoms that indicate of pneumonia is chest pain, difficulty breathing, choking.

what you need to do immediately is give blood and urine for analysis. Basic therapy is antibiotics but medical marijuana has shown to be very effective. Which – depends on the type of inflammation? Treatment should not be applied on your own, but only on the recommendation of a doctor. Improper use of medicines creates resistance and disables the effectiveness of the medicines in some future applications.

Laryngitis follows exhausting, dry cough and throat inflammation – or severe throat pain. It gives a feeling as if there is something stuck in your throat.

you should visit the otorhinolaryngology’s so that they can perform a laryngoscopy. Treatments almost always include antibiotics. You do not need to drink either hot or cold drinks, but only lukewarm. It is a disease that requires serious treatment. If you are a person who wants to use natural medicines, you can talk to your doctor about using medical marijuana and see what their recommendation will be.

Deep cough accompanied by abundant secretion, difficulty breathing, whistling in the chest, high temperature 38.5-39 °, general weakness. Cough is stronger at night. These are some of the most common symptoms that accompany bronchitis.
The therapy includes inhaling several times a day, taking cough syrups that make it easier to cough, drinking as much fluids as possible. If bronchitis is caused by a bacterium, it is necessary to include antibiotics. However, do not take them on your own initiative, because, if you have viral or allergic bronchitis, they will not help but will slow down the recovery. You can also try and see how medical marijuana works on this disease.

Dry cough, which over time becomes wet, elevated temperature, headache.
In the first hours of the disease, antivirals should be used, that is, medicines that treat viral infections. When the cough becomes wet, a mucolytic you can consume syrup. In the pharmacies you can find herbal syrup for dry coughs. You can also use medicinal marijuana for this disease.


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