Learn from Failures to Attain Success

Learn from Failures to Attain Success

Failures in life doesn’t mean you can never achieve success; all it takes is self determination to fight back, insight to understand your pitfalls and willpower to overcome and excel. History reiterates; and this has been once again established by the young Floridian business entrepreneur Dr. Joe Johnson, Ph.D.

With his sky-touching aspirations to emerge as a successful entrepreneurial, at the age of 19 he initiated his foremost business endeavor and owing to lack of knowledge, staff issues and incompetence, at his 21, he became bankrupt.

This failure, however, brought him the experience of real world while his innate driving force guided him to back to college to know business better. He earned bachelor’s degree in commerce and then did his MBA. While he launched his new business, he also pursued PhD with specialization in Entrepreneurial Leadership from the highly acknowledged Regent University. As of today, with his multifaceted role played in the business world, Joe Johnson Goodfield has been afast budding business entrepreneur, committed investor and startup specialist.  He embarked on his most favorite project GoodField Investments that specializes in funding, backing and guiding unprivileged but promising entrepreneurs spread all over the world.

Dr. Joe Johnson is the founder of the pioneering boutique commercial property brokerage group WELFONT in Tampa Florida focused on acquisition of distressed and underutilized commercial properties. Guided by him, the community works on behalf of non-profit establishment and private cash buyers of real estate properties hold by them as well as directly from the sellers. Prepared with a cream-of-the-crop team of business analysts, financial experts and highly dedicated field force, his investment company GoodField has funded more than 10,000 business persons with microloans backed by comprehensive entrepreneurial research. It also offers necessary business guidance enabling its associates to come up fast and in showing their potential.

Joe Johnson Goodfield has invested funds in numerous startups ventures involved in business areas like media, publication, real estate and education. Among them some showed record performance and achieved success while many could not. However, with his challenging attitude, Dr. Joe has guided them considering their drawbacks and helped each startup to prosper. As per version of Dr. Joe Johnson, this offers him a different kind of satisfaction to see the distressed companies back to business once again. It has bought crossing 10 million square feet of properties including office, facilities, industrial areas, multifamily units, residential complex apart from hundreds of commercial land spread across the US.

Being a God fearing man, in his blogs, he expresses that how and where God would lead him that is unknown to him, however, till his last breath he will continue his work for his loving unit GoodField. Boosting entrepreneurial ministries across the world with his exposure, research ability and capital is his life’s objective. With an amazing life partner and six great children, he is a committed husband and loving father in his personal life. To know more about the personality, please go through his personal website as well as corporate business websites.

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