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Lawsuits for claiming accidental injuries and loss

Many accidents are reported day to day due to the carelessness of the management system and as a result slip and fall accident lawyers are gaining importance. Many victims of these accidents suffer serious injuries or even death while others merely escape it. Slip and fall accidents can mainly be due to irresponsibility on behalf of both the client and the management. These cases are categorized as “premises liability” cases, i.e., the cause of your injury is the ill-services provided by the property owner. Thus you get the right to claim for the losses you have incurred. If you suffer any such damage, you should speak to a personal injury lawyer who has experience handling these types of cases. A slip-and-fall accident is also known as:

  • Trip-and-fall accident
  • Stump-and-fall accident
  • Step-and-fall accident

Preventing Slip-and-Falls

At potential areas of risks, both the person and the property owner should take proper measures for safety. The person who encounters a slippery or otherwise dangerous surface should exercise reasonable protection to prevent them from tripping and hence getting any injury. On the part of the owner, their property should not pose any threat or risk to the client.

In a slip and fall lawsuit, both the client and property owner have some degree of responsibility. The injured party has to prove that he took reasonable care when walking on the exposed surface and the property owner has to show they ensured the safety of any user on their property.

Compensation for a Slip-and-Fall Injury

If you have suffered a Slip and fall case you are entitled to compensation in the form of following:

  • Payment of medical bills associated with the slip and fall injury
  • Lost wages, in fact, if you were not able to go to work because of the injury.
  • Property or Items that belonged to you and were damaged during the accident.

The court takes care of both the individual and the property owner and imposes liability as per the responsibility of both. This decides how much the property owner has to pay to the injured party as compensation and the amount that the aggrieved party has to bear.

Hiring an Attorney for Your Slip and Fall Case

If you are a victim of slip and fall accident, trip and fall accident, step and fall accident, or stump and fall accident you have the right to consult a lawyer who knows this field. The lawyer can help you gather evidence for the crash in a legal way, like video surveillance of the scene of the accident along with investigating the witness of the stage. Thus the lawyer can take care of the legal issues on your behalf while you focus on your recovery. The attorney also approaches insurance companies and puts forward a strong claim, if needed.

However, filing a case many weeks or months after the accident when you have recovered or your injuries are healed is not suggested. The lawyers recommend filing the lawsuit with proper knowledge of the law and evidence as soon as possible. If you face a slip-and-fall injury at work, you generally cannot sue your instead work-related accidents are covered under your states’ worker compensation laws. Though the “premises liability” depends on the state and federal laws that apply to the circumstances one should claim their rights fearlessly


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