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Law Essay Writing Tips: The Law-Friendly Resources You Have to Cite

For writing a successful essay for a university assignment, it is crucial for students to find their research on papers and investigation done by previous scholars and academics. Looking into past literature is a way in which students can demonstrate their knowledge on the subject, provide supporting evidence to back up their arguments in, and more. Especially for law essays, these resources have to be extremely reliable and truthful. This article will help you decipher the different law-friendly resources that you can consult for when writing your essays.

Why Are Reliable Sources Important?

Particularly for law papers, reliable sources are key. Because you’ll be working in real life cases when you become a professional lawyer, you must prepare yourself adequately to perform your duties. Therefore, you cannot let yourself found your knowledge of information that is not genuine or trustworthy; especially since you will be dealing with problems and issues that may impact people’s lives significantly.

Academic Journals

For an article to get published in a respectable academic journal, it needs to go under a complicated and difficult process beforehand. Besides having to work very hard on it, the author then needs to submit the article to the journal which then gets checked and reviewed very harshly by supervisors and highly ranked scholars. Therefore, you can be sure that any article that you look at from an academic journal is strongly reliable and safe to cite. A good example of an acclaimed law journal is the Harvard International Law Journal. It is by far one of the most cited and oldest law journals in the world; which contain rich and insightful information about anything you can think about that’s related to law.

Newspapers and News Reports

Newspaper articles and news reports are also good sources to get law information from. However, this is true to a certain extent. Anything said by mass communication services is great to include essays for analysis purposes. For example, comparing the same piece of news broadcasted on different news channels or presented by different newspapers is a good way to demonstrate diverging political stances and language that is used to tell the same story. On the other hand, it is important that you remember that you must not use these types of sources to support any of your arguments. This is because rather than being written from an academic and research background or intention, they are written with a journalistic purpose. In fact, in many cases, the articles that are written for mass communication platforms are written with the intention to entertain and consume, leaving any critical or reflective analysis behind. All in all, take these sources of information with a grain of salt and use them wisely.

The amount of different media sources that go around the world are uncountable, so knowing what the most reliable ones are can be difficult. However, some examples of respectable news sources you can use for your essays are CNN News, The Wall Street Journal newspaper, The Economist and The New York Times.

Policies and Regulations

Since you are completing a degree in law, of course, the most important yet underestimated sources of information are official documents such as policies, regulations and even the constitution. Using these documents to back-up your arguments and ideas are great moves because they have been written by the people who are responsible for making decisions for a nation. Therefore, what better way to make a point by supporting it with the law itself?

Court Cases

Court cases are good to include in your essays for many reasons. One of the most important ones is because it shows the law being enforced for problems in real life. If you happen to be writing a comparative essay, it would be a good idea to compare how similar or the same cases were resolved by using the law; highlighting the different outcomes and analyzing the reasons why. You can also take into account the context of when and where these cases took place, the background of the people prosecuted to produce an even more valuable piece of writing. Court cases are most useful for when you want to stress inequalities in the system or show the extent to which the law has been efficiently enforced in a nation.

Law Essay Writing Services

If you find yourself running out of time to write your law assignment or find that you cannot find the right words to write, you may consider turning to a custom law essay writing service with highly qualified academic writers. These types of services, CustomWritings.com for example, hire professionals who specialize in many subjects in order to produce high-quality papers. For example, if you contact a writing service for your law paper, it will be completed by a trained professional with a strong background in law. In this way, you can be ensured that your paper will be written with the correct law terminology and language that your university requires. Besides offering writing services, these companies are also able to provide you with proofreading options. This is most useful for when you have already written your assignment, but wish to gain feedback from a reliable source before turning it in. In the end, you will be provided with advice from incredibly reliable sources that are truly interested in expanding your opportunities at getting the best grade you can get.

Overall, this article has attempted to highlight all types of different reliable sources you can consult for any law assignments you may have. These are all trustworthy and dependable resources that will help you attain the best results you can, and improve your chances at becoming the lawyer, policy maker or government worker you’ve always wanted to be. Good luck!


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