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Lancome Genifique – Younger Looking Skin in 7 Days?

Beauty communities talk about a new product, the Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate and its effects on the skin. It is not surprising that Lancome is a respected cosmetics manufacturer that has developed quality cosmetic products for most of the century. Lancome affirms that its product is able to detect a young and healthy skin in only seven days, deeply hydrating the areas in which it is applied. Such complaints are only rumors until an appropriate trial is held to examine these allegations. Within two weeks, this product will be tested to see if it provides such benefits and it is best when bought online.


The first test, which we will expose Lancome Genifique, is if it provides a young looking skin in just seven days. Since the product will be evaluated within two weeks, this will allow enough time to see the results. After a consistent pattern, the concentrate is applied to freshly cleaned skin at night. So, what were the results after seven days, during which Lancome Genifique claims to activate the skin? The general milky shine was noticed after the first week of testing; The pores seemed smaller, and the overall tone of my skin seemed more even across my face. While continuing to use this product for another week, I found that the results improved, adding even more life to my skin.

Second, the claim that Lancome Genifique helps create a long-term hydrating effect has also been evaluated over a period of fourteen days. Upon contact, an instantaneous improvement in the amount of moisture that was present on the skin could be seen. The areas of the face treated with Lancome Genifique were undoubtedly hydrated long after the application, but ultimately we want the concentrate to help the skin balance its natural hydration capacity. After two weeks, I stopped using the product and observed my skin for another three days to see how well the use of moisture would persist with daily use. Honestly, the lotion would not be necessary in these later days, even after taking a hot shower; The moisturizing effect of the concentrate was definitely observed.


Although Lancome Genifique justified its initial claims of success, there are still some negative aspects to address this product. It is possible that this product is not for people with sensitive skin, since progress has been reported in relation to the use of this product. The dispenser will “act” as if it were broken when in reality it is empty; keep this in mind when buying and you can shop online for Lancome genifique advanced serum.


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