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Know Your Antler-X

Market is flourished with Human Growth Hormones in variety of forms. This includes tablets or injectable solutions, but hey! Are you aware of spray hormones? Most probably not. So here we are, discussing on another body growth supplements in an all new form. AntlerX is a well known deer antler supplement which gained much popularity among bodybuilders due to its amazing results. IGF-1 enhancer or AntlerX IGF-1 deer antler velvet is a growth hormone stimulant and more specifically it stimulates insulin like growth hormone factor-1. oral supplement with IGF-1 is also sold by Antler. AntlerX is a brand supplying HGH (Human Growth Hormone). Velvet of male deer antlers are used to make AntlerX and be very specific, New Zealand Red Deer is used. In the process of making the steroid, it is always taken care that deer are not injured. Velvet antler is carefully harvested.

Antler velvet is a soft, fuzzy element present in young antlers but with time this velvet becomes harder. These components encourage faster cellular mitosis. Before using any new product, you should be well aware of the ingredients of the product. Also carefully read the instructions and do not forget to take a physician’s advice. Life expectancy has been a constant criterion for any country which identifies a healthy nation. Deer antler velvet is in use from thousands of years that enhances health and vitality. It is a traditional Chinese medicine. Oral supplements with IGF-1 are present in large amount in deer antler velvet. Along with muscular and joints related repairs, the drug helps in boosting functions of immune system.

The most important part of any drug analysis is the ingredients of the drug. AntlerX comes with these elements listed below:

  • Zinc is essential for synthesizing proteins which helps in muscles growth and repairs.
  • L-Arginine helps in proper circulation and blood flow.
  • Caltrop improves testosterone levels and also increases sexual libido, energy and anabolic activities.
  • L-Glutamine is popular for its advantageous nutrients for muscles and tissues like cartilages, tendons and ligaments.
  • L-Carnitine converts fats into useful energy and helps in building muscles.
  • Niacin is the component of utmost use that enhances metabolic activities leading to carbohydrates absorption.

Apart from IGF-1, you can also look for Pro-IGF 350 for similar results. For AntlerX dosage, it is recommended that food and drinks should not be taken in 20 minutes of the time period after the spray. You should apply 5 sprays in morning and 5 in the evening for effective results. AntlerX contains natural ingredients and hence, it does have few side effects too.

AntlerX is found to be friendly with the users but they do have few issues of an upset stomach with the usage of the spray. It is recommended to take medical help in these adversities. Your health concern should be the priority so after having checked ingredients, and web browsers, doesn’t feel ashamed to contact manufacturer and know more about the product. You can furthermore visit your doctor or any pharmacist and be acknowledged with the safe use of the product.


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