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Know the Processes of 9Apps Install Download

9Apps is the online application and it is designed for Android users who want to get access to the paid apps and games for free. 9Apps is the alternative to Google Play Store as it allows you to download and install same games and even the paid apps like Play Store but without any charges. So, it is the free version of Play Store from where you can download and install a variety of games and apps which you can’t get from Play Store. However, the only drawback associated with the application is that it is not available for download at Play Store. You are required to download the application from 3rd party sources online. So, the complete process to download and use 9Apps application are described below, just have a look at it.

How to Download and Install 9Apps on Android Device?

9Apps is the application which is available for download from third party sources online. However, for downloading and installing the application on your Android device you need to follow few simple steps. Below are the step by step process for 9Apps install download on Android device.

Step One:

You are required to make few changes in the settings of the device. You need to enable the option “Unknown Sources” without which you won’t be able to accept APK files from third party sources on your Android device. So, go to the “Settings” of your device and click on “Security Settings”. Scroll down to find the option “Unknown Sources” and click on it to enable the option.

Step Two:

From the mobile browser of the phone you need to open the Google search engine and in the search box you need to type manually “9Apps” and hit the enter button. The official link of 9Apps will be available in the search result and you need to click on it to visit the official site. From the official site you need to click on the “Download” button to get the latest version of 9Apps

Step Three:

Now you need to store the APK file of 9Apps in the SD card of your device to save space. Click on the APK file to extract the .exe files and you will see the option of “Install”. Click on the “Install” button to start the installation process. The installation may take some time. So you need to have patience until it gets over. After the installation is done you need to use it for downloading games and apps.

How to Use 9Apps?

The user interface of 9Apps is very simple and easy and you will find no difficulty in using the application. You need to go to the app drawer of the application and type the name of the application or game that you want to download. The homepage of the application also has many app and game suggestions from where you can download the games directly. Click on the icon of the application to start the process of downloading and after the installation is done you can easily make use of your favourite games and apps for free.  


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