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Jet Skiing and Parasailing in Goa

Goa state offers a wide assortment of water activities. Water-sport activities are simply the great way to relish the beauty of beaches in Goa and explore the underwater world. Goa- the smallest state of India located at the South-west of the country has access to many territorial beaches and the Arabian Sea. It is one of the best beach destinations to enjoy with friends and family. It is also famous among the international tourists due to its richness in Portuguese heritage, sun-kissed beaches, churches, flea-market, ancient forts, delectable foods and many more.

The best alternative for mountain adventure is adrenaline- filled water adventures like Scuba diving, parasailing, windsurfing, Jet Ski, water ski, kayaking, banana boat riding, windsurfing etc.  Goa gives endless options for water adventure activities, especially at Atlantis Water Sports. Perhaps, the best season to have fun water sports is from October to May when the sun is bright.

It is perfect for those tourists who seek adventures and have fun with friends. This adventure activity will offer you memories for a lifetime. You just have to take safety precautions so as to avoid any chances of accidents. The norms of activities are par with International standard and mostly mandatory for the participant to indulge with an instructor.

It is fun to be adventurous and try out different water activities when you are in Goa. There are so many exciting sports that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

Parasailing in Goa Parasailing is a thrilling sport that is very popular; it is a sport that essentially requires a parachute and a high-speed boat. The activity is extremely exciting; it is definitely a treat for adventure seekers. One end of the harness is attached to the speedboat and the other the parasail. As the boat speeds off into the ocean, the parasailor is suspended into the air. As the sailor moves upward, he/she can get to witness the 360-degree bird’s eye view. The parasailor gets to enjoy the majestic view of the splendid sea and the beach landscapes. This activity does not require any special skills to enjoy. The best time to do parasailing in Goa is between October and March.

Jet Ski in Goa The thrill of sitting on the Jet-Ski always ushers a sense of excitement in you. It is undoubtedly the most sought after watersport. The ability to achieve high speeds on watercraft is quite difficult for many individuals. However, while these rides may seem to be tough in the beginning, once you pick up the tricks you will be soaked in the excitement of moving around in the waves. While you engage in these enthralling rides, it is always advisable to wear light and comfortable clothes like shorts, tees etc. The Jet Ski rides can be availed at the beaches like Candolim Beach, Baga Beach, Vagator Beach, Aguada Beach, and Anjuna Beach. You will have the best time riding the powerful Jet Ski as you can explore the nearby areas of the beach.


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