Are you looking to decorate your home with Islamic wall and door hangings? We would suggestto go for an Islamic canvas print wall hanging. That is, Islamic calligraphy printed on canvas which you can fix on your wall.

Islamic calligraphy on canvas comes under the category of modern Islamic wall art, which is different from traditional or classical Islamic wall art.

In traditional Islamic wall art, the Arabic verse from the Holy Quran is stitched with a golden thread on a black piece of cloth, mostly silk or velvet. The choice of colours comes from the hues of the fabric that drapes the Ka’abain Makkah. Classical Islamic wall art also includes vivid wall rungs, which are mostly made in Turkey or Iran or India. These carpets are adorned with intricate floral motifs and multiple elaborate borders. In the middle of the carpetsis a diligently-stitched ayator surah of the Holy Quran in calligraphy

Like all kinds of artseeing change on account of digital technology, Islamic wall art is also undergoing transformation – it now uses new materials, digital mass printing technologies and ecommerce marketplaces to attract new-age buyers. Two trends stand out. The first is low-priced Islamic wall decalsthat can be directly stuck to the wall without the need for framing. With the focus only on text, without the distraction of backgrounds or colours or frames, wall decals have a minimalist appeal.

The second is the art of Islamic calligraphy on canvas. Distinct from the calligraphy-only focus of wall decals, Islamic calligraphyon canvas usescolours and the texture of canvas to highlight the artwork as well as the text inscribed on it.

Colours are animportant aspect of interior decoration. The saying ‘add colour to your life’ means that an individual should live his or her life with colour, that is with zeal and optimism. And thuscolours are believed to liven up our spaces. Many people now go for a non-white colour to paint at least one wall each of all the roomsin their house. Many stores that deal in Islamic wall art are using the effect of colours on Islamic calligraphy.

If you are searching for Islamic wall and door hangings online, you would come across many aIslamic canvasprint wall hangingin a wide range of colours –red, blue, green, purple, yellow, brown, orange, pink, magenta, black and many others. Sometimes, a single shade is applied, sometimes multiple colours. Generally, the text is of a shade different from that of the background. And yet, despite the overflowing hues, Islamic calligraphy continues to remain the spotlight of the canvas prints. After all, it is the calligraphy that people are looking for. Colours are only a means to attract attention to the calligraphy, they cannot become the focus of the artwork themselves. In Islamic calligraphy,the message is of utmost importance. But still, bright colours, and the artistic canvas texture, can drawattention to the artwork, particularly the text printed on it.

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