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Is vaping really a healthier option than smoking tobacco cigarettes?

It is a fact that has been unanimously acknowledged by all that smoking tobacco cigarettes is bad for your health but despite knowing everything, Americans still keep smoking without taking any step to improve their health. Of late, e-cigarettes have been marketed and introduced as the healthiest possible alternative to traditional cigarettes. There has always been a belief that smoking electronic cigarettes can become less harmful if you quit smoking regular tobacco cigarettes.

Before you buy electronic cigarettes from online stores like BuyV2Cigs, you need to know whether or not they are actually better for your health than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Read on to know about electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes – What are they?

If you’re someone who doesn’t have an idea on electronic cigarettes, they’re devices powered by battery and which are created in such a manner that they look like cigarettes and if needed, they can also offer you nicotine. As we know, traditional cigarettes include tobacco being lit up and inhaled since it has nicotine inside it. On the other hand, in e-cigarettes, nicotine is inhaled but the nicotine is there in the form of flavored chemicals. The mixture is heating in a cartridge from which it is inhaled. Electronic cigarettes are smokeless as they release vapor instead of smoke. This is why it is called vaping.

A little bit on the health impacts

There are some differences between e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes but the only similarity is that they are both ways of inhaling nicotine. Though this depends on the brand, each of the cartridges will produce 250-400 puffs which are the same number of puffs that you can smoke from 2 packs of tobacco. Whenever you get addicted to nicotine, this can lead to several health issues. It is not that all e-cigs contain nicotine but most of them do.

The health concerns which are associated with e-cigarettes are way beyond the addiction to nicotine. There are studies which reveal that e-cigarettes contain diacetyl and formaldehyde and these are chemicals which contain lung and cancer disease.

Therefore, e-cigarettes or vaping is one of the best ways in which you can quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. As it has been proved that tobacco cigarettes are the most harmful ones, it is always better to check out the better alternative. Moreover, there have been several adults who have stopped smoking after they started vaping.


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