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Insurance Schemes Under Medicare In The US

Medicare is a medical healthcare insurance scheme in the United States that the federal government offers to all its citizens above age of sixty-five years. The payroll taxes of the working population partially finance this medical healthcare insurance scheme. Individuals who want to apply for this medical healthcare insurance need to be aware that only for a certain class of people are eligible.

Delos H Yancey of State Mutual Insurance- one of the oldest insurance companies in the USA says individuals need to be of a certain age to apply for Medicare benefits. This medical healthcare insurance scheme caters to providing medical healthcare coverage to elderly American citizens and the people with specific disabilities. In order to qualify for this medical healthcare insurance scheme, an individual needs to be at least sixty-five years of age. Younger applicants with special disabilities or chronic diseases are eligible to this medical healthcare insurance scheme on a case-by-case basis. Again, certain categories of American citizens are eligible through their spouse.

American citizens above the age of sixty-five years need to be aware that if they are already beneficiaries of social security, then they are eligible to Medicare Part A benefits at no extra cost. The same is applicable to America citizens below the age of sixty-five years but are eligible for Medicare benefits because of their chronic disease or specific disability. However, this is subject to the condition that they have been receiving social security benefits for the last twenty-four months.

In order to enroll into the Medicare health insurance scheme, an individual who qualifies for this healthcare insurance scheme needs to phone the Social Security Administration’s hotline number. Alternatively, the individual can visit the Social Security’s website or their local offices in various part of America. Through these outlets, these individuals can get more information about the Medicare enrollment process along with the benefits available under this medical healthcare insurance scheme.

To begin the process of enrolling into the Medicare healthcare insurance scheme, the applicant needs to submit a proof of their identification. Normally, the social security authorities accept documents like a birth certificate, social security card or a driver’s license as a proof of an individual’s identity. Moreover, if an individual cannot produce the original documents, the authorities will accept notarized copies of the same as proof of the individual’s identity. Moreover, an individual applying for Medicare needs to submit proof of any other medical healthcare insurance that they may be availing.

In spite of the fact that Medicare is ideal healthcare scheme that provides insurance coverage for millions of American citizens above the age of sixty-five years, there are certain specific areas that it does not cover. It is imperative for individuals who are eligible to the benefits of Medicare but have concerns that this medical healthcare insurance scheme does not cover certain aliments should consider investing in Medigap. This medical healthcare program covers any gaps that the traditional Medicare does not cover and individuals who qualify for Medicare benefits can apply to this medical healthcare scheme.

Medicare says Delos H Yancey is a socially approved medical healthcare insurance scheme that provides insurance cover to individuals who above a certain age and individuals who are eligible to other social security benefits.


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