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Innovation Platform – Drive Productivity & Profits For Your Business

In recent decades, sustainable innovation is becoming a critical factor that determines your business organization’s success in the marketplace. You just need to look at the emergence of companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft in the information technology industryto why you need to have an effective platform within your organization. However, implementing such a complex mechanism can turn out to be a very expensive venture. Fortunately, if you are successful, it can help to overcome the traditional unpredictability of ‘hit-or-miss’ ideas on how to improving the productivity and efficiency of your establishment.

Innovation Platform – Why is it necessary to align it with your organizational goals?

Experts who specialize in this field say when it come implementing an effective innovation platform within your organization you need to align it with the goals of your organization. They point out that your organization’s management team may be aware of the significance of sustainable innovation. However, they may have the time and patience to fully understand the innovative initiative that you devise for your establishment because of other work pressures. This is the reason why you need to go out of your way to explain to them how it will enable your business attain its strategic objectives in the marketplace.

How is this alignment possible?

When it comes to create a culture within your organization that encourages innovation, you need to invest a significant amount of time and money. Even before formulate an effective strategy, you need to have thorough understanding as an entrepreneur of what your establishment’s organizational objectives. Only then can you come up with a feasible strategy that supports the implementation of an effective innovation platform with your business and how to intend to align it with such goals.

In such a strategy, you need to specify in very clear terms the following:

1.Thorough understanding of strategic goals of your business organization

The innovation strategy should give your top managerial personnel a clear understanding of what goals your business aims to achieve in the environment in which it operates its activities.

2.Create a charter on innovation

This is document that clearly outlines the purpose of innovation platform you intend to introduce within your establishment. It also defines the priorities of such a mechanism, its funding, scope, composition, who is going to be responsible of managing it and outcome.

3.Innovation context

Innovation context determines the depth and limitations of innovation initiative you are introducing within your organization. It should also highlight your insights on the subject of how to turn ideas into innovations.

4.Set realistic expectation

The process of converting creative ideas into effective innovation is both time-consuming and expensive. This is the reason why you need to haverealistic expectations on such a project.

If you want your organization to gain the expand and gain the competitive edge in the marketplace, you need to introduce a culture that encourages innovation with your establishment. An effective innovation platform helps you to achieve this objective. It is a time-consuming and expensive process but it can go a long way in helping your business attains its strategic goals in such an environment.


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