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Increase the Life Span of Your Smartphone’s Battery with These Five Easy Steps

Nothing is more frustrating than hitting the road, just to realize the battery life of your phone is down 25% while 75% of your day off. Until we see the development of autoloaders devices, we rely on powerless tangled power cables and looking for establishments as frantic treasure hunters.

While it is convenient to have an automatic charger in hand and a spare power cord available to work with, here are some quick fixes that can help extend the life of the device while charging is not an option available. Get power bank for yourself now at powerbanktests.

Turn off Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth

Unless used to access the Web, your Wi-Fi receiver must be turned off. While it may be useful when surfing someone else’s network, Wi-Fi receivers on portable devices consume much of the stored energy. Some of the other culprits of power consumption are an active GPS and a Bluetooth signal. As these features require a constant cycle scan and search, they are very demanding and can quickly deplete your batteries. Unless used for browsing, connecting or surfing the Web, you should develop the habit of balancing these functions when not in use.

Screen settings

You would be surprised how much power can be preserved simply by adjusting the display settings on your device. Using the device inside, there is little noticeable difference between a screen brightness of 80% to 100%. What is remarkable, however, is the difference in the life of a battery when the screen brightness is set to 50% or less. This single action can extend the remaining life of your device and make the difference between an additional 25-30 minutes of use.

Application Management

Most smartphone users have a growing library of applications stored on their devices. Although some of these applications can be used on a regular basis, chances are many, many have been detected and have been maintained by a need that never seems to happen. While it may seem that they are simply stored for later use, most applications run constantly in the background and can be a stable power consumer. The key is to manage your settings and be sure to kill applications that are not in use by turning off push notifications and automatic updates.

Sounds and vibration parameters

The bottom sounds and vibrations can be a good key, however, when supply and demand are in question, you may want to back off a bit. The characteristics of a vibration device can power the battery life as fast as Wi-Fi and GPS signals. Although it is not so long, if you are popular or simply divert calls, the battery constant locking can vibrate the phone into a deep sleep.

Habits to charge

Many people have heard that you should drain the battery from your device completely before recharging. This is really incorrect. The truth is; you should only do a complete dump on your battery once a month or just every few weeks – if it has a high usage. Going through a charge cycle is allowing your battery to fully charge up to 100% then use the device until it gives the spirit. This will erase any shorter battery memory and prolong life in general. Order for your power bank through powerbanktests now.


Most smartphone users who complain about the life of their devices do not have any equipment malfunction or defective batteries; they have personal practices that are a bit overzealous. You cannot run the CA with Windows Open the pun, and then I wonder why the account is larger than expected. By using these few technique consistently, you can improve battery life between charges and extend the overall battery life of your smartphone.


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