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Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Today’s Time

In contrast with natural intelligence of human and animals, the intelligence demonstrated by the machines is known as artificial intelligence as machines are increasing the capability of performing tasks with higher accuracy and precision. Some systems implicitly or explicitly use AI algorithm as well as a non-AI algorithm.

Artificial Intelligence often revolves around the algorithms, which are based on the set of parameters, and it follows the instructions. The overall objective of the AI is to create a technology which can function intelligently. Existing AI lacks certain features when compared to the natural human intelligence. Most of the AI lack common knowledge, which is intuitive to a human,which means AI often makes mistakes that can be incomprehensible.

Artificial intelligent solutions consolidate machine learning, natural language processing, forecasting and optimisation technologies which unlock the new era of techs.  Some of the AI services are:

AI can predict how you’ll look decades later; scientists have unlocked artificial intelligence to provide artificial ageing. This technology can identify even a long-lost criminal. It often uses two AI algorithms known as Generative Adversarial Network (GAN). The first part of the algorithm takes a face and generates another face of the same individual at a different age. The second part compares this image with a real image of someone at that age with their original image and provides feedback to the first part of the algorithm as pros and cons and how it can be improved.

Speech recognition: You probably would have used speech recognition by now, as it is mostly used in the smartphones and other similar devices. The objective of this application is to ensure you get the maximum interaction with the intelligence without typing. You have to speak to the program installed and it will recognise your voice showing the number of suggestions available and guide you with it.

Biometrics: This application involves more interaction between human and the machine. It is not only limited to image and voice, but it also uses your retina scan and fingerprints. The latest models of smartphones use this application for privacy and safeguarding of the data.

Robotics and automation include driverless cars, 3D printing, and chat-bots. Chat-bots can replace customer services, and driverless cars will navigate by the algorithm and program fixed in the cars.

NLP –Natural language processing and text analytics is used to detect frauds and security of the system and facilitates by understanding the language and structures to avoid fraudulence.

Aviation uses AI such as Air Operation divisions (AOD) uses AI for the expert systems. The Airplane simulators use artificial intelligence to process the data taken from other simulated flights.

The AI services have a great impact on the business as the new technologies are being introduced making it profitable for the businessmen and entrepreneurs. It accelerates the digital transformation with the help of AI and data provided to it. The AI technologies are flourishing in the digital market, multiple start-ups and the internet giants are racing to acquire the position, there is a significant increase in investment by enterprises.


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