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I married a pathological liar

Trust is one of the foundations in which a relationship is built on. People fully commit themselves to their significant others based solely on trust. But what if you have been with a pathological liar all along? People tend to develop the habit of lying at an early age and if not corrected as early as possible, it can develop into a habit, a very bad habit that can often end relationships. It usually starts with small, white and seemingly harmless lies which when continued might grow into more elaborate and complicated lies and they might get used to the fact that since you fully trust these people, they must be telling the truth.

Of course, telling white lies might be harmless at first, but continuously doing so can raise a lot of red flags, suspicion and ultimately the breaking of trust. A lie detector test might be a bit too extreme for some, but if you plan on spending your entire life with that person and eventually get married, it won’t hurt to subject them to a lie detector test, especially when you feel deep down inside that they’re not fully honest with you. Your gut feeling might be telling you something and usually gut feelings are quite accurate just like a polygraph test.

A relationship built on lies

Don’t be that person that settles down with a pathological liar since if that person can lie to anyone, there’s a good chance that he or she might just be lying to you as well. Pathological liars always have the urge to lie, even directly to your face if they wanted to and since relationships are built on trust as one of the foundations, it won’t hurt to make sure that the person you’re planning to spend the entire remainder of your existence on this planet isn’t lying to you as well.

Although accusing someone of lying isn’t really nice, if your gut feeling deep down is telling you that something’s not right, something’s usually not right, especially when your significant other’ reasons for staying up too late  with “friends” sounds suspicious. Of course your significant other might deny if he or she is lying but deep down you know something’s not adding up and you are constantly bothered by it. A polygraph exam is a sure way to end the uneasiness.

Suspicious behaviour

When your gut feeling is telling you that something’s not right, it usually is. Why go through countless sleepless nights tossing and turning when you can subject your partner to a polygraph test. Of course, you can use this as a last resort if opening up to your partner about what you’re feeling doesn’t pan out as you hoped it would.

Trust is probably the most important thing in any relationship and is also one of the deciding factors if it’s worth to stay in a relationship or not.

When you think you have a pathological liar for a partner, it might be probably in your best interest to seek professional help in determining whether or not your partner is indeed lying to you or not. If you plan on getting married, at least you’ll be sure that your partner isn’t keeping any secrets from you, unless it’s a surprise trip to Paris, then it’s best to keep it that way, a surprise.



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