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How Tracks can enhance your productivity

Music is like an antidote, which makes us strong to fight the adversities of life such as stress, anxiety, etc.

Music lovers all across the globe just love to let themselves lose in the serenity of music and complete the task at hand in a gleeful mood. But how come music tracks makes us feel so calm and composed? The answer lies in the science of how music affects our brain.

There can be different parts of a track that can arouse your brain and make you feel pumped up before workout, or relaxed when you sleep.

You might like the vocals of a particular song, or you may have fallen in love with the tune or some other acoustic characteristics.

Scientists are now looking at ways to develop tracks solely for the purpose of inspiring us and increasing our efficiency. Till that doesn’t happens, give a look to the following ways in which music can help to enhance your productivity

1.Don’t opt for music with too much distracting sounds

 The more a track is filled with loud instruments and over the top lyrics, the more distraction it will cause in the cerebral region, leading to a fall in your productivity. This kind of music can be utilized when you are in a gym, so as to pump your blood.

2.Opt for songs or tracks having an average play time

Our brain works in a funny manner. Even if it likes something, it can’t tolerate too much of it. Conversely, if the thing it likes only lasts for a short duration of time then it craves for it. Same happens when you listen to a song. If it is too long or too short, it won’t be beneficial to your productivity as the brain won’t be satisfied with what it got.

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3.Look for tracks lacking any lyrics

Songs that only have a tune and contain no lyrics can help your brain to focus better. This is because you have to consciously divert attention to a song filled with lyrics, so as to interpret what the song is about. But a song having only a tune works wonder for your concentration.

4.Consciously go for songs filled with positive vibes or uplifting melody

Anything that you hear gets registered in your subconscious mind. If you listen to a happy song having a feel good factor attached to it, then you automatically start feeling more happy and light. This is because such songs trigger specific receptors in your brain, responsible for making you feeling happy.

5.Know about your taste in music and what suits your personality

People have varied taste and that reflects in their music choices too. Some people like to listen to sad songs when they need to find motivation. Other find solace in rock or pop songs. So you should try different genres of music and then come down to the one that gives you Goosebumps and makes your brain go crazy.

Before you try any of these tricks, know that music is made to make your life better. It is like god’s gift to mankind.


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