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How to Use a Toaster Oven

I read a minimalist kitchen article one time and I was horrified to find that author suggesting how oven toasters should be tossed out the bin. Apparently, for her, they take up too much space and have only one purpose: toasting bread. I was wondering if she has confused oven toasters with their simpler counterparts: the toaster. You know, the conventional, 1960s pop-up toasters? That might be what she was actually talking about. I disagree with her point of view because, for me, the best rated toaster oven can do so much more than just toast bread.

Warming plates before serving

Have you ever tried to cook a full course meal for your family before? Then you might have experienced having to reheat them right before serving. Doing this in a big oven will consume too much power. Heating them up too long in the microwave can affect the texture, especially if the food is supposed to be crunchy. It is best to use a best rated toaster oven for crunchy dishes that need reheating.

Mess-free nut toasting

It’s okay to toast nuts in a frying pan, under direct fire. However, imagine the cleaning up you will have to do after that. Instead, cover your toaster oven’s pan with aluminum foil and level a layer of nuts on it. The best temperature is 350 degrees celsius although smaller toasters would require a lower temperature. Agitate or toss every 5 minutes or so. In 10 to 15 minutes, your nuts should be well-toasted. You’ll find that this is easier and more efficient than doing it over an open fire.

Baking cookies, cakes, bread and muffins

If you are looking at a best rated toaster oven, you’ll find that you can actually bake cookies, cakes, bread and muffins on them just as you would a convection oven. The only difference is you will be making small batches per turn. This is perfect if you only want to bake bread or cookies for yourself and a couple of other companions.

Roasting meat

In the same manner, you may find that you can roast meat in your toaster oven. This is really handy for quick dinners when you are cooking for one or two. You can also reheat smaller portions of already-roasted meat especially if you only need small portions. Your toaster oven is actually your best friend when you’re eating alone.

Baking potatoes

Baked potatoes are staple in any family. If you’re a big fan of baked potatoes and any vegetable that’s roasted or baked, your toaster oven might actually do a better and quicker job than your conventional, big oven. This can also help you save money because the best rated toaster oven can take half the time to preheat.

Melting cheese

Whether you are cooking onion soup or a mini pizza, a toaster oven is a quick and handy appliance to use when all you really need to do is melt cheese on top of anything. Sure, the microwave can do a similar job, but your toaster oven can let you enjoy cheese that’s not just melted but slightly toasty too. Sometimes, good things are worth the few extra minutes of waiting.

How to use a toaster oven is an easy question to answer, but finding the best rated toaster oven for your kitchen is another story. Let HomeAddons help you decide.


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